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Peninsula Specialist College Year 11 Camp Blog

What a wonderful three days it has been with the students and teachers from Peninsula Specialist College for their camp at The Summit. The excitement and energy that was felt straight away and carried on for the entire time you all were at camp.

Once the introductions were completed and everyone had learned about the Five Keys (Have Fun, Play All In, Make Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If) it was time to get into the initiatives and activities. The two groups were no longer groups, but tribes and we all know that all great tribes need a great tribe name, so the BlockBusters and Storm were now what each tribe would be called.

Day one had two activities, the Cave and Laser Skirmish. The Cave had each person going into the unknown and trusting the instructions that were given to make their way to the bunker room. The Laser Skirmish was about strategies and having fun shooting at each other and getting revenge on some of the teachers. At the end of the day, everyone had a blast with these activities.

Day two was a huge day for challenging yourself and facing some big fears. Snake and Trust activities had so many of you really showing trust in your tribe members as well as being so brave to touch and be around Monty, the carpet python. Sky Bridge was a wobbly bridge that you challenged yourself to step on to or walk across needing to use your balance and support from your tribe. Some may have fallen on the bridge, but you were determined to keep going and do your absolute best, which we found to be incredible.

After lunch was the Monster Course, in which you had permission from your teacher to get them as muddy as you could as well as yourselves. We did this together and really supported each other and helped each other throughout the course, even when Charles lost his glasses in the mud pit. Your time for the Monster Course was 43.43. After all that were the screams and thrills of the waterslide. We do not know if the screams were from the excitement of the slide or the screams of the coldness of the water, but everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.

On the last day of camp, we all ventured to the Giant Swing. The choices were made, and partners were chosen to go up onto the swing. Everyone really helped each other achieve their best on the swing and supported each other by getting you to your desired heights. Well done to everyone who went on the swing, especially David who was super scared but did it with the help of Kai.

Well done also needs to go out to the Values winners, Rori, Alecia, and Krystal. Thank you to everyone who came to The Summit from Peninsula Specialist College.

We look forward to seeing you back at the Summit in the near future.


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