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It has been an absolute pleasure having the grade sixes and their teachers from Rangeview PS at The Summit for the past five days. To start term three with you and get to know you have been so much fun. After getting all settled into camp and camp life, we all got out into the park to start initiatives and rotations not before coming up with tribe names. Dino Nuggies (OG), The Puggers, The 14 Dino Nuggies, Food Fighters, The Russian Potatoes, and No Name Ninjas were the names chosen, and the flag you all designed to go with them during Tribe Identity were brilliant.

Inflatables was a lot of fun with foosball and the adrenalin rush races. Tash's Ladder was the first of the high activities at the small tower. High Wire had you channel your inner circus performer as you walked out to the middle of the 8-meter wire. Laser Skirmish was incredibly fun with not only the students getting to play but also the teachers in the teachers vs. Summit coach battle. Snowy River Challenge results were as follows: - No Name Ninjas 39.45, The Puggers 36.58, Food Fighters 29.10, The Dino Nuggies (O.G) 28.56, The 14 Dino Nuggies 28.30 and winning were The Russian Potatoes with a time of 27.25.

The Cave activity was amazing on how quiet everyone was when in the darkness to not ruin the experience for fellow tribe members. The best we have had in a long time. Rock Wall was very impressive to see so many students really have a great go at getting their stretch and super stretches by the choices of which wall they would climb and how high they would go. We were blown away by the effort everyone made to climb the big tower and abseil the 20-meter Abseil wall. Some people even got the reward of climbing the tower to receive a high five from Timmay and see the amazing view from up the top. Giant Swing really got the vocal cords working with screams of fun and fear ringing out throughout camp. So many times everyone would be there to help their friends and other tribes get participants to the top of desired height. Orienteering had you really exploring The Summit grounds in parts you may not have discovered before, all in the while trying to find the maker points and solving riddles. Flying Fox saw you flying through trees and over the lake to the cheers of your awaiting tribe members. This is the closest thing to flying we can naturally do while being safe.

Snake and Nails was a new experience for a lot of people being so close to our resident Phyton and walking on nails. There were so many brave people really getting outside their comfort zones in this activity. Sky Bridge was a test of balance but also if you fell, how do you get back up and keep going. So many amazing stories and GMIC came from the Sky Bridge. Leap of Faith was exactly that, you taking the leap of faith to jump out to the trapeze bar or step off the side of the big tower to really push yourself outside that comfort zones. There was so much cheering and encouragement coming from the bottom of the tower; it really was so nice to hear. Summit Window was the tallest of the activities, at a height of 23 meters from the ground. Just getting up to the top of the tower was an achievement, but to then climb the ladder and lean back was so impressive and brave. The Photo scavenger hunt had everyone looking for things and completing challenges to gain points. Here are the results from the Photo Scavenger hunt: - The Puggers 230, The 14 Dino Nuggies 260, The Russian Potatoes 270, Food Fighter 300, No Name Ninjas 320, and winning were The Dino Nuggies (OG) 470. Bush Challenge was another tribe vs tribe challenge and the results were as follows: - Food Fighter 49.38, The 14 Dino Nuggies 35.11, The Puggers 33.11, The Dino Nuggies (OG) 29.33, The Russian Potatoes 28.36 and winning were No Name Ninjas with a time of 27.00.

The Monster Course was the final of the tribe challenges and all tribes did so amazingly well to really so determination and resilience to get the improvement times they did. Here are the improvement times for the Monster Course: - The 14 Dino Nuggies 7.09, No Name Ninjas 7.11, The Puggers 7.16, The Dino Nuggies (OG) 8.27, The Russian Potatoes 12.31 and winning by 7 seconds were Food Fighters with 12.38.

At the end of five days of camp and after really demonstrating the Five Keys, each tribe member voted for a person in their tribe who lived by the Summit keys. These people were acknowledged and rewarded with a hot lap in The Summit Army Tank. Congratulation to Ella, Maddi, Luke, Ty, Kaida, and Sam, you all were amazing for your tribes and it really showed for the votes you all received.

Thank you again to every student, teacher, and principal that came to The Summit for the Rangeview grade 6 camp. We all had so much fun with you all and cannot wait to see you next year for another sensational camp with us.


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