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Richmond High School Year 7 Camp Blog

From Mar 13 to 15 have been a pleasure with the students and teachers from Richmond High School. The energy and enthusiasm were electric and the students could not wait to get into camp life.

After the welcome in the Lodge and the introduction to the program coaches, it was time to get out into the park and come up with tribe names. We welcome The Flying Frogs, Skipidity Circle, The Best Group, Gingerbread and Fifi.

There were so many great moments throughout camp, a lot of these were acknowledged through the G.M.I.C.s given out and read out throughout the morning intentions and gratitude. Well done to everyone who took the time to rewrite a G.M.I.C and those who received a G.M.I.C.

Here are the full results of the challenges each tribe completed for the camp experience.

Strategy Games:

Green 64 points

Purple 77 points

Yellow 82 points

Blue 118 points

Red 123 points - WINNER!!!

Snowy River Challenge Time:

Gingerbread 38.29

Skipidity Circle 37.19

Fifi 36.43

Flying Frogs 32.18

The Best Group 31.34 - WINNER!!!

Monster Course Improvement Time:

The Best Group - 5.54

Flying Frogs - 8.31

Fifi - 16.05

Skipidity Circle - 16.14

Gingerbread - 16.41 WINNER!!!

Well done to all tribes for your effort and resilience to complete the Monster Course.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for an individual who lived by the Summit Five Keys. these individuals not only were acknowledged in front of their peers but also rewarded with a hot lap in The Summit's WW2 army tank.

Congratulations to Angus, Brendan, Stephen, Kenji and Ben B. All of you deserved the acknowledgement and reward.

Thank you again to everyone who came to The Summit from Richmond High School. We can not wait to have you back in the near future.


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