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Rochester SC Year 9 Camp Blog

On a warm Wednesday afternoon, the students from Rochester Secondary College went through The Summit gates eager to check into their accommodation; they got shown to the Blue Room, where they met coaches Spinks and Ash. They were introduced to the Five Keys, and then we played a game called 'Look Up, Look Down'.

Five Keys

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering ‘What If’

Once the game was played, we moved our way down to the blue tent in the hub area; we then played a game of Jockeys to move our bodies, followed by a game called 'Target, Stretch Super Stretch, which is also one of The Summit's goal-setting strategy which was taught to the students about how to plan one step at a time in three manageable tasks from setting a Target which they knew they could do a Stretch which they think they could do and a Super Stretch which on their best day if they could achieve their stretch then they could achieve their super stretch. The first activities for that day were Flying Fox and Trusted Games; once the activities were done, we then played a game of Yeehaw, and both groups became a tribe and created a team name. In group one, we had the Bellanella Blobfish, and in group two, we had the Zesty Goats. Once the students had been excused for free time, they went to their accommodations for a bit to relax; they then moved to have some dinner and then went on a night walk before settling down for bed.

Day 2 rolled around, after breakfast, Ash ran the group through an intention session where they first watched a video about how to give and get a compliment by Soul Pancake and were then asked to write down on a piece of paper what their intentions were for that day once they'd written it down they put their intention piece of paper in their pockets which we can then check back in and refer to throughout the day to keep us accountable. The game we played on day two in the morning was called Pirates; we played a few games as the students warmed up to the idea and loved it. We then moved into our activities; the first two were Leap of Faith and the Bush Challenge. Leap of Faith, where they could jump for the trapeze bar and grab it and go upside down if they wished, and in Bush Challenge, they worked as a team in a time challenge to complete four different levels and finally achieve their giant puzzle piece at the end. The next two activity rotations that were run were Cave and Sky Bridge and Cave, where they got to go underground into the unknown and make their way from point A to point B by merely using their other senses instead of their visions and making their way across the treacherous 84 steps Sky Bridge. At the same time, it wobbled in the rain, pushing themselves further and further to get from point A to point B.

Once all these rotations had been done and they had lunch, it was time for the epic Monster Course. The two teams were split, and we then got into a circle doing a whole bunch of exercises to move their bodies from burpees to sit-ups; push-ups, and of course, counting together loudly to ensure that we all work as a team. Both teams were neck and neck and weren't much further away from each other. It was a big battle throughout the first lap as they pushed through and really pushed their limits carrying those tyres and being linked together as one big chain within their group. As both teams finished the first lap, Ash and Spinks explained that it wasn't quite over yet because it's not done until it's done and they were told about resilience and how it's important to dig deep now we didn't say that the winner of the course was the fastest time or the best time or the winners of it were the one who came first but in fact the time most improved. So, for that reason alone, we ran a second lap exactly the same as the first rally yet as fast as they could. Impressively both teams improved their time by more than 7 minutes by doing a whole bunch of star jobs along the way. For every star job they did as a group, they added one second to their improvement time. In the end, both teams had 2 minutes' worth of stars. Finishing the course all muddy and wet they were all buzzing with high energy, we took a massive group photo and then we told them about the following day

Day three rolled around and it was the last day of camp. after breakfast was eaten, Spinks and Ash ran a gratitude session, but first, they handed out all the GMICs to the students to read to each other, GMIC stands for; Great Moments in Camp, there were so many to read out so well done team for getting that done.

Spinks talked to the group about the value of gratitude and how a simple thing is to think about the important things like food, water, shelter, arms and legs, the simple things (fresh pair of socks, sun after a rainy day, your own shower, space, and bed). All the things you feel, all the people around feel as well. When we start being grateful, it could help us then focus on the intention. We talked about intentions on the last day for everyone to not go home wondering ‘what if’, as they have two more rotations to complete.

Just before heading down to the Blue Tent, we completed a game of Yeehaw, once we were done, we smashed out the last two rotations of Snake and Nails and Abseiling, the students had voted for team members who showed a lot of heart, who were the heroes of the group and embodied the Five Keys the most consistently throughout the camp.

The Values winners were rewarded with a hot lap in The Summit's army tank, everyone watched the epic lap around the track. Wrapping it up and saying goodbye to the team, we waved the buses as they left and exited The Summit gates.

Thank you once again from Ash, myself, and The Summit Camp for coming and having all the fun and playing with us. We hope to see you next time all the best for the rest of the year.


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