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Rochester Secondary College Duke of Ed Blog

It has been an amazing three days with the year nine students from Rochester Secondary College Duke of Ed class. From the very beginning, you all set the tone of Having Fun and Playing All In with our first two activities, Snake and Nails and the Cave.

Sky Bridge had everyone venture out along the wobbly bridge and really set targets, stretches and super stretches, some even going backward, one-handed or blindfolded.

Snowy was the first of the tribe vs. tribe challenges with Gecko Junior's second lap being completed in 5.30 vs. Blake’s Single Ladies completing the course in 6.40.

Leap of Faith was a mental challenge to jump from the platform to the trapeze bar. Giant Swing was about letting go of fear and allowing you to enjoy the feeling of free fall and swinging through the sky.

The Monster Course was the second of the tribe vs. tribe challenges. Both tribes were very impressive with the improvement of 9 and 11 minutes - tribe Gecko winning with the improved time of 11 minutes.

Congratulations to the values winners who got a ride in the army tank, they were all deserved winners. Jo, Alex, Reed, and Charlie.

Remember to Have Fun in whatever you are doing, Play All In with your efforts, Make Lots of Mistakes along the way so you can grow and learn from them, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable with some situations, and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If I could or should have done more.

Thank you again to everyone who came to the Summit from Rochester Secondary College.


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