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Rosanna Golf Links PS Year 5 Camp Blog

The Summit recently had the pleasure of having Rosanna Golf Links Primary School over for a three-day visit, consisting of activities, games, and a Monster Course, where pushing their boundaries and learning how much they're truly capable of was the biggest focus.

Day one began with meeting The Summit team, which included Spinks, Sam, Sara, Zoe and Calarnee, and discovering the Five Keys (Have Fun, Play All In, Make Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If). Next, it was time to head down to the park, where the safety of helmets and harnesses and the goal-setting strategy of Target, Stretch, and Super Stretch were demonstrated so everyone was equipped with the tools to take on the rest of camp. After that was the first rotation of activities, and Tribe Identity where creating their team flags was the goal. Then there was some free time before dinner and the evening activity, a night walk.

Day two had a bit more going on, starting with a morning discussion; talking about intentions and the importance of setting them at the start of the day to set yourself up for success, before playing a group game of Jockeys, then jumping straight into three rotations then lunch, then tribe challenge, and then the Monster Course. As part of this, some teams travelled further than they thought on Sky Bridge, and some teams reached new heights on Tash's Ladder. Other teams began high-fiving in the sky on High Wire, and a large number of brave people entered the dark in the Cave. Others learned how to work as a team during the Snowy River Challenge, and even more so during Orienteering! After the activities and after a chicken tender wrap lunch, everyone gathered back down to the BBQ shelter for the Clap Ball Tournament! Despite the amazing efforts of every team, each able to have two representatives compete in the final, only one team could come out on top, that being the Sky Bridgerton! After this event, it was time to start the Monster Course. Even though the winners of the tournament got to choose when they started, every group was excited to get muddy and put in all the effort, and everyone did! After this, they found out they were doing it a second time, to which everyone took that challenge like it was nothing. An awesome display of resilience and perseverance. After the mud run, the groups had their well-deserved showers and dinner, leading into their last two evening activities of watching a movie and the Red Faces talent show.

Day three was just as jam-packed with the time they had, beginning with a session of Gratitude where everyone shared their Gratitude, before playing another group game of Tiger Krane Egg to set ourselves up for the final two rotations of camp. This is when the groups took part in the last two activities that they had not yet completed and also voted for their values winner. Then it was time for lunch and to hear our results:

The group names, from one to five:

Sky Bridgertons

Team Not George

Zesty Guinea Pig

Skibidi Shrek Sigmas

The Skibidi Rizzlers.

Snowy River Challenge from first to fifth were:

Skibidi Rizzlers 28:37

Zesty Guinea Pig 29:26

Skibidi Shrek Sigmas 31:36

Team Not George 36:00

Sky Bridgertons 26:44 [DNF]

Monster Course improvement times were insanely impressive, with everyone achieving more than 4 minutes improvement on their second lap, with the results as follows:

1. Sky Bridgertons 13:56

2. Skibidi Rizzlers 12:17

3. Team Not George 10:10

4. Skibidi Shrek Sigmas 8:16

5. Zesty Guinea Pig 4:36

After all the Thank-You's and results were shared, we let the teams know who those Values winners were, Laylah, James, Rory, Hamish, and Oliver, and these individuals got to finish camp with a ride in The Summit's World War 2 army tank whilst everyone else got to see it go over the car!

But then it was time to say goodbye, it was The Summit's pleasure to have the staff, parents, and students from Rosanna Golf Links Primary School over and we know when you guys come back it will be another epic experience. Thanks for coming.


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