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Sacred Heart Primary School

On Wednesday 10/2/21 The Summit welcomed Sacred Heart Primary School to The Summit for their 3-day camp.

After jumping off the bus, the grade 5/6s were excited to get stuck into some activities and learn what they are truly capable of. Before we headed out into the park, the students were introduced to our 5 Keys. 1 - Have Fun 2 - Play All In 3 - Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable 4 - Make Lots of Mistakes 5 - Don't Go Home Wondering What If. With a focus on having fun and playing all in for our first day of camp, we headed out into the park and started off with a game of Jockeys. A chance for everyone to be a little bit silly. We then started our initiatives and our first rotation of activities. Up first were Leap of Faith, Scavenger Hunt, High Wire, Bush Challenge, and Laser Skirmish. After a great start to camp, the students finished off the night with some high-energy Ballistic Trivia.

Day 2 was upon us already and before we continued on with our activities we started the morning off with setting an intention and choosing how we wanted our day to look. Heading outside we got our bodies moving with a quick game of Huckle Buckle then straight into the rest of our activities. After lunch there was an epic tribe challenge planned before our Monster Course, the challenge involved teams battling against each other in a relay to see who would come out on top. There were plenty of laughs in the 3 legged race and wheelbarrow race with water and mud flying everywhere. Finally it was time for the Monster Course with each tribe setting off to see who could be the quickest. There were lots of people well and truly Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, a highlight for lots of us I’m sure. Finishing off the hot day with a slide down the Water Slide and a swim in the lake. After dinner there was a pretty fun game of Minute to Minute planned to finish the night.

Waking up a bit sore and tired, the final day of camp had arrived. Starting our days with sharing some of the things we are grateful for in our lives, we then played a big group game of Rock, Paper, Scissors Chant. Every team finished off their last activity before we headed into our final “mystery rotation”. Students not knowing what they were doing next, were surprised with the opportunity to do Sky Bridge, Tash's Ladder, Inflatables, and the Flying Fox definitely an awesome way to finish camp. After saying many thank you's to all the awesome people who made camp possible it was time for the 5/6s to head back home.

Cam, Ash, Ella, Liam, Steph, Jackson, and Maddi would like to thank everyone from Sacred Heart who came to camp and had an epic time. :) :)



1st Dream Supreme 25.17

2nd Snails 28.03

3rd Popcorn Chicken 30.27

4th Cream Cheese Janices 33.25

5th Tough Bananas 40.32


1st Dream Supreme 24.40

2nd Cream Cheese Janices 29.48

3rd Snails 30.00

4th Tough Bananas 32.50

5th Popcorn Chicken 46.20


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