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On a warm, sunny, and very exciting Monday morning the Sale College crew rolled into The Summit to kick off what turned out to be an amazing few days of camp. All was in readiness and once the staff and myself had introduced ourselves and our Five Keys to a great camp of, Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If, we headed down into the park.

First up we played a couple of games and then got into the first rotation of our major activities, those being our Giant Swing, Abseil, Laser Skirmish, Sky Bridge, and Snowy River Challenge.

The students were asked to come up with a group name they wanted to be known as for the remainder of camp, and they didn't disappoint!

Group 1 The Brew Crew

Group 2 OJ

Group 3 The Blueberries

Group 4 The Mud Grubs

Group 5 The Pork Chops

The energy was high and it was fantastic to see some real breakthroughs of courage, creativity, and teamwork so early on camp. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as positive as the students were and an electrical storm cut our first day outside drastically short.

This was an awesome opportunity to bring our Tribe challenge forward and have a quick game of Minute to Win It, which was quickly dominated by OJ!

The first half of Tuesday saw the completion of the round of activities. So many of the students challenged themselves and were amazing in being able to push through so many of their fears. We were so proud of them!

That afternoon we ran our epic Monster Course, our mud run through a number of physical activities that got everyone, including the coaches and teachers, wet, muddy, and exhausted. The Brew Crew recorded the best improvement time to win the challenge, but every group did amazingly.

On Wednesday the students were introduced to a couple of rounds of new activities, taking on the Flying Fox and our Bush Challenge, climbing Tash’s Ladder, descending into our Cave, and a session with our Snakes and Nails board, before voting their tribes' Values winner, or the person they felt committed most to our Five Keys. We then wrapped up the day with some thank you’s and read out the times and revealed the values winners from each group before we sadly said our goodbyes.

The times and scores for the activities and the values winners were:

Thank you all again from Me, Spinks, Cam, Miriam, Lina, Emily, and Rohan, and we can't wait to see the Sale College students back again next year.


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