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Scoresby PS Year 5 & 6 Camp Blog

It has been so amazing to have the students and teachers from Scoresby PS at The Summit for the past three days for their camp. There was so much excitement to be at camp. After the introductions and our first rotation of activities, each tribe came up with a new tribe name. We welcomed the Unicorns, 2 Many Legends, Cinnamon Rolls, Squirkles, and The Indies.

There were so many great moments at camp and so many G.M.I.C.s were given out throughout camp for those great moments. Tim enjoyed reading them out each day and acknowledged so many amazing efforts shown during your time at camp.

Here are the full results from your tribes' challenges.

Bush Challenge:

Cinnamon Rolls = 31.52,

Unicorns h= 31.02,

2 Many Legends = 26.13

Squirkles = 24.44

Indies = 23.52 WINNER!!!

Monster Course Improvement Time:

Cinnamon Rolls = 8.32,

2 Many Legends = 8.50,

Unicorns = 9.47,

Squirkles = 10.13

The Indies = 13.14 WINNER!!!

Well done to all tribes.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a member of their tribe who demonstrated The Summit's Five Keys (Have Fun, Play All In, Make Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If) These lucky individuals were not only acknowledged by their peers but also were gifted with a hot lap in The Summit's very own WW2 army tank. Congratulations to Lily, Aiden, Ryan, Darcy, and Yousef. You all are deserving winners.

Once again thank you to all the teachers from Scoresby PS for your help and enthusiasm. A massive thank you to the students for playing so hard and really giving everything a go. We cannot wait to see you back at The Summit in the near future.


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