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Scotch College Hawthorn Year 5 Camp Blog

On Tuesday the 11th of June a group of year 5 legends from Scotch College embarked on an epic 4-day journey at The Summit. What a fantastic 4 days we had planned! Your enthusiasm to get started was phenomenal.

Day 1 kicked off by introducing the mentors who guided you through your experience at The Summit. Your mentors were Logan, Spinks, Sam, Adam, Jakob, Sara, Odile, Timmay, and Sunny. Next, we introduced you to The Summit's Five Keys that, if applied, would elevate camp from good to great! The keys to camp we learned all about are:

  1. Have Fun

  2. Play All In

  3. Make Lots of Mistakes

  4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  5. Don't Go Home Wondering What If...

Next, we dove straight into the action with our renowned Monster Course! There was plenty of upbeat music and excitement buzzing around the park while all teams eagerly awaited their turn at the start line. A course brimming with fun, excitement, and hard work. After the initial lap of the course, we surprised you with another round! All teams absolutely dominated the course, fueled by your positive energy and determination! The Monster Course provided undeniable proof that we are all more capable than we realize. This set the tone perfectly for the rest of camp.

Day 2 began with Logan prompting us to consider who we wanted to BE for the day and helping us recognize that every action is a choice! To strive for greatness and give our best effort, or to surrender and quit when faced with challenges. You all then engaged in a lively game of Pirates! What a fantastic way to kickstart the morning by getting our bodies moving! We then became familiar with the goal-setting technique we used at The Summit. Three goals that if set, would allow us to get the most out of camp. These goals are as follows:

TARGET: Something you know you can do. (not nervous at all)

STRETCH: Something you think you can do but are not 100% sure. (nerves setting in)

SUPER-STRETCH: Something you think would be impossible for you to do.(Really nervous)

The incredible thing about camping here at The Summit is that all our activities are designed to at some point seem impossible for you to do. However, all activities at The Summit are possible and it's entirely up to you to face your fears and conquer them on your terms.

Day 2 consisted of 3 out of the 7 activities planned for camp. The 7 activities you all participated in were as follows:

Scavenger Hunt ignited your competitive spirit as two teams raced to complete various challenges together within the given time.

Orienteering, navigating throughout the entire park to solve riddles and earn as many points as possible.

Giant Swing challenges us to let go of our fears and trust the process, releasing the "what if..." mindset.

Snowy River challenge, the ultimate test of teamwork and support, requires teams to race through 5 obstacles as quickly as possible.

Flying Fox, an exhilarating journey across the entire park, soaring through the air and basking in the spotlight.

Inflatables, inject even more fun into the mix with additional activities focused solely on enjoyment!

Initiative Challenge, collaborating as a team to overcome three different challenges, realizing that each challenge required the entire team's cooperation and effort.

To conclude day 2 we all gathered in the Lodge to engage in an incredibly competitive game of Minute 2 Win It! Congratulations to all teams for playing all in and giving it your all.

Day 3 was already looming ahead! What an eventful day we had planned for you! We began the day with a meditation session led by Logan, focusing on the present and fully taking in the experience at camp. The remainder of the day consisted of the next 4 activities. What a jam-packed day filled with ample time between activities to reflect with your friends on all the incredible moments. Wow, between activities we also played lots of games including footy, Ga-Ga Ball, shoe bowling, basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee and heaps more! To cap off day 3, you all enjoyed your red faces night. How fantastic was that!?

Day 4 had arrived! The final day of camp was here, evoking mixed emotions—some were saddened to leave but grateful for the experiences gained. Day 4 commenced with Logan emphasizing the power of gratitude. With the remarkable GMICs you all wrote to each other, the appreciation for those around you was palpable! With all camp activities completed, we played one final game of Huckle Buckle and then gathered in the Lodge for some games! Finally, you all got the chance to vote for someone in your group who played all Five Keys to the best of their ability throughout camp. We then all got to witness the WW2 army tank go for a lap around the mud track and it was none other than your team's Values winners that had a first-class seat as it got to work!

What an incredible 4 days we had with you, Scotch College, it was an honor. Thank you!

Keep Unleashing Your Greatness!


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