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Sherbrooke Community School Blog

On Wednesday, The Summit was blessed with an amazing group of students from Sherbrooke Community School. Ash and Sarah would love to extend their appreciation to every single student who attended camp. Getting to know you over the three days and watching you all blossom was truly a blessing. From the very beginning, we just knew we were about to have a wicked camp! Well done to everyone for:

  1. Having All the Fun

  2. Playing All In

  3. Making Lots of Mistakes

  4. Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  5. Don't Go Home Wondering What-if

It was so clear that each and every one of you took these keys on board, you all gave every activity your absolute best! On so many occasions you were asked to push yourself outside of your comfort zones and you always rose above the task, Ash and Sarah were blown away by everyone getting comfortable being uncomfortable and playing all in. It all started with Half-pipe and Tiles, what a wonderful way to kick start an epic adventure. then it was onto our activities!

The first afternoon at camp saw the groups experiencing two activities: Tribe Identity and Flying Fox. During tribe identity, Sarah saw amazing team skills while you were creating your flags and she loved getting to know you all during the little conversations you had. The flags looked amazing, so creative, and colourful, the names also were so good! By the end of tribe identity, we had the “Waffle Fries” and the “Illegal and Stolen Netflix Accounts from eBay, America”.

As another day of epic fun approached as did new activities and our incredible mud run! The Waffle Fries and The Netflix Accounts were able to experience four new activities: Bush Challenge, Snake and Nails, Scavenger Hunt, and Highwire. Sarah saw some amazing stuff at both Snake and Nails and Highwire on the second day! Everyone was challenged to push themselves out of their comfort zones at least once throughout the day, whilst Snake and Nails challenged us on the ground, Highwire challenged us in the air and both activities were just as exhilarating. Sarah witnessed some amazing acts of courage on the nail board and when students were offered to pat/hold Mitch, our resident carpet python, well done to everyone who achieved a super stretch in this activity, there were a lot of you and that is just so incredible! Sarah then witnessed everybody give Highwire a red hot crack, with so many people again smashing those super stretches out of the park and an incredible amount of people conquering their fears and getting comfortable being uncomfortable, Sarah would like to give an epic shout out to Moss and Colby for really embodying our ‘Play All In’ and Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable’ keys in this rotation, both of you did so well! every single one of you crushed all the activities and should be immensely proud of yourselves.

Before we knew it, it was then time to tackle our epic mud run! Not only did we do it once, but we did it TWICE! Outstanding leadership skills and determination were presented by everyone, Ash and Sarah are so proud of you all for leaving everything out on the field because that’s what it was all about right? Unleashing your greatness and knowing/deciding who you want to be and how you want to show up when things get hard. so again, well done to those of you who brought a wicked ‘go-get-em’ attitude, you all smashed it! We hope you enjoyed your warm showers and spaghetti; you deserve it!

To finish camp off, on the last day the students experienced two new activities: Orienteering and Abseiling, which were both epic ways to finish off our camp experience. On so many occasions we saw students crush activities and complete things they didn’t think they were capable of doing. We cannot thank you enough for embarking on this journey with us at The Summit and pushing yourselves outside of your comfort zones, Ash and Sarah wish you all the best for your years ahead, you’ll crush whatever you end up doing!

Remember to keep having all the fun and playing all in, because the magic doesn’t happen inside your comfort zone. It's when you take risks that you’ll start to grow, stay brave and keep pushing on.

All the love from The Summit family, Ash and Sarah

Team names:

1. Waffle Fries

2. Illegal Stolen Netflix Account from eBay


1. 330

2. 250


1. 36.06

2. 42.28


1. 17.00

2. 13.10


Colby, Kylie, Nate, and Tyneeka


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