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Sirius College Year 7 Camp Blog

On the sunny afternoon of Wednesday the 19th of July, the Summit welcomed the year seven legends from Sirius College.

The legends went straight up to their group space in the Stadium, where they met their coaching team. Before getting started on activities, students learned about the Five Keys of camp to turn it from good to great! These keys are Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. Ready to go, we ventured down into the park to start activities.

Campers started with a group initiative challenge to find and practice the key teamwork values that would be crucial over the next few days. Then it was time to come up with a unique team name to represent them throughout camp!

Team 1 = Ma Amigos

Team 2 = Hungry Crusaders

Team 3 = Bananas

Team 4 = Monkeys

The first activities they would be completing were: the Giant Swing, Laser Skirmish, Leap of Faith, and Snowy River challenge. These activities were all awesome, but some were easier said than done! Some would really stretch the campers, but they put into practice a special goal-setting strategy to help achieve their best - this was called “Target, Stretch, Super Stretch” How it works is you set three goals - a target which is something you know you can do, a stretch which is something you think you can do and a super stretch, which is something that seems impossible. This goal-setting strategy helped campers break down overwhelming tasks, and achieve some incredible feats. After two awesome rotations, campers wrapped up day one by writing down some great moments they witnessed through GMICs.

Day two started with a brilliant talk from Adam about the power of setting your day up with a morning intention. The Sirius campers warmed up for the day by playing a game of Scissors Paper rock chant, then got into the action!

We smashed out the last two activities, then started a whole new set of epic rotations! These new activities had campers navigating through the darkness in the Cave, scaling trees on the Highwire, spider climbing up the Rock Wall, and being creative in the Scavenger Hunt.

After lunch campers got ready for the much-anticipated mud run! This challenge was an obstacle course test of resilience, teamwork, and determination as it had campers running, problem-solving, and crawling through mud, all whilst linking arms and carrying a car tire! After one INCREDIBLE lap of the Monster Course, campers found out one of The Summit’s best-kept secrets, that the Monster Course winner isn’t based on the fastest team, but the team that gets the biggest improvement time on the second lap! Congratulations to all teams for some impressive improvement times:

  1. 4.09

  2. 7.02

  3. 4.49

  4. 4.30

The campers started day three by reflecting on some of the things they are grateful for in their lives. We learned the power of setting your day up with gratitude, and how it leads to a positive start. Following an intense game of Crane, Tiger, Egg, to get started for the day, campers got straight into activists and smashed out a final two rotations. Although the legends were absolutely knackered from the last two days, they continued to kick goals!

At the end of the second rotation, campers all voted for an MVP of their group, someone who they thought really embodied the Five Keys of camp. A special congratulations to:

  1. Taseen and Feeha

  2. Emre

  3. Omar

  4. Ayaan

After a special acknowledgment to these superstars and learning the much-awaited challenge results, it was time to say a sad goodbye.

On behalf of all of The Summit, we’d love to say a great big thank you to the Sirius College students and teachers for an awesome couple of days! Best of luck with the rest of 2023!

From coaches,

Adam, Sarah, Tiff, and Sunny

Snowy River Challenge Times:

  1. 43.30

  2. 51.08

  3. 34.30

  4. 37.41

Scavenger Hunt Times:

  1. 600

  2. 600

  3. 550

  4. 650


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