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Spensley St Primary School

What a Wonderful 3 days of camp!

Our first Melbourne school since March, boy were we excited to welcome Spensley St PS to The Summit. We had a fun and wild camp planned for the grade sixers. After day 1 the teams had come up with their tribe names:



Tired Avengers

Fast and Furious

Alpha Potatoes.

We started camp with Laser Skirmish, High Wire, Giant Swing, Inflatables, Bush Challenge. The teams were all very excited for Laser Skirmish and managed to conquer their fear of heights during the High Wire and Giant Swing. One of the teams managed to get everybody to GREEN. The Bush Challenge was a great team activity and had everyone thinking about what it takes to be part of a great team. All the teams were timed, all did a great job. Some were faster than others, the results were: Gremlins: 20:25 Salmons: 24:01 Tired Avengers: 28:25 Fast & Fourious:18:35 Alpha Potatoes: 20:46 The second day of camp came around and this was a huge day, such a fun day for everyone. The Monster Course was a massive highlight for the teams, and they all did a wonderful job, with some of the largest improvement times we have seen in a really long time. The results were: Gremlins:12:51 Salmons: 14:35 Tired Avengers: 15:22 Fast & Fourious: 15:15 Alpha Potatoes: 9:19 The third day of camp came around all too quickly and the teams had 2 new activities to try and boy did they SMASH them, everyone was having a go, and still encouraging each other right up until the very end. We ended camp with our big surprise reward, and each team voted for some teammates, who they believed gave our Camp 5 Keys a real red hit crack. Well done to Rose, Clancy, Khelen, Wes, Mataya, Lachie, and Anna.

Thanks so much to the Spensley Street teachers who were a huge support and made camp even more fun. Spensley Street you can DEFINITELY COME AGAIN. All the best, Mads, Timmy, Mia, Cam, Kyle, Ash, and Jac :)


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