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What a way to finish off the school year having the students and teachers from Spotswood P.S. The Summit for their 3-day camp. The energy was high, and excitement was in the air as each tribe came up with their own tribe names. We welcomed Monkey Squad on Top, Le Snipers, Spotty Union, Phoenix 48 and 13 Legendary Snakes.

Laser Skirmish was so much fun for everyone, with the teachers and students alike being able to trash talk each other and play army men/women without getting hurt. The Rock Wall was a great challenge to really set that Target, Stretch, Super Stretch. There were so many heroic efforts to get as high as you chose to go to and supported so well by your tribe members.

Giant Swing saw everyone soar to great heights, to then pull a release cord to swing at a great speed. There were so many screams of terror/ thrills and laughter had by those on the ground. The Cave was all about going into the unknown and trusting yourself to get to the bunk room and then sit quietly and listen to others on how they get through when scared or need to calm them down.

The first of the group activities was the Snowy River Challenge. The results are as follows:

Le Snipers 34.10

13 Legendary Snakes 25.26

Spotty Union 21.30

Phoenix 48 20.40

Monkey Squad on Top winning with a time of 20.29.

For the last two rotations, some tribes got to try new activities. We want to focus on what you did get to do not what you missed out on. Flying Fox saw tribe members soar through trees and over the lake all to land at the landing platform. High Wire was similar to the Rock wall except you climb a tree to then walk out on a wire to meet up with a friend eight meters high in the air. Leap of faith was another 8-meter-high activity, but this one required you to jump from a platform to a trapeze bar, all in the hopes of hanging upside down or step off for the Leap of Faith. The Inflatables was a healthy competition either through playing Foosball or racing through the adrenalin pumping obstacle course. Everyone loves jumping in the castle like play area. The Summit Window is the tallest of the activities, with a view to go with it. Yes, it is high and sometimes scary, but the view was the reward for overcoming that fear and taking in what you have achieved.

The Monster Course showed resilience when completing the course twice to find out which tribe improved by the most. Here are the improvement results:

Spotty Union 4.30,

Le Snipers 4.55

Monkey Squad on Top 5.59

13 Legendary Snakes 7.00

Phoenix 48 won at a whopping 8 15.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a member from their tribe who lived out the Five Keys to camp. These individuals were acknowledged by everyone, and they were Logan, Zara, Terrance, Liana, and Jack.

Well done you guys. Thank you again to everyone who came to the Summit from Spotswood P.S. We cannot wait to see you again soon.


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