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St Arnaud Camp Blog

The Summit was lucky enough to welcome St Arnaud Secondary College for their 4-day camp on March 9th to 12th. After a 5-hour drive, everyone was pretty keen to get off the bus and get stuck into some activities. Before heading out into the park we were introduced to our 5 Keys. 1. Have Fun 2. Play All In 3. Make Lots of Mistakes 4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable 5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What if.

We then got straight into our first activities with Sky Bridge and Inflatables. Sky Bridge was a test of everyone's balance and agility and Inflatables was a heap of fun with lots of competition. A big shout out to Mrs. Mcormack for making it all the way over the bridge. With the day wrapped up, we said goodbye ready for another action-packed day tomorrow.

Day 2 arrived and before we started the day the students were introduced to set a morning intention, a chance for everyone to set up their day exactly how they wanted. There were lots of activities planned, we got straight into the Rock Wall and the Scavenger Hunt then moving into a rotation of Giant Swing and The Cave, a great highlight for some and definitely an opportunity to step outside their comfort zones. We then finished the day with a friendly game of Laser Tag and a chance to go up to The Summit Window and have a look at the beautiful view.

Day 3 was quickly upon us we began the day by sharing with each other all of the things that we are grateful for in our lives. Continuing on with Laser Tag and The Summit Window we then moved into two more activities the High Wire and the Snowy River Challenge, a team event that saw our two teams compete for the fastest time. With the sun shining it was almost time for our much-awaited Monster Course but before we kicked that off we had some epic challenges planned. With our teams competing in a game of Tug of War, Human Tic Tac Toe and Giants Wizards Dwarfs in the lake. It was finally time to kick off our Monster Course with the teams battling it against each other to see who would win by posting the fastest time whilst completing a number of challenges on the way. The winning team wasn’t the team who was the quickest, it was the team who improved their time by the most on the second lap. Huge congratulations to everyone for finishing the course not once but twice. Finishing the day off with a slide down the waterslide and a swim in the lake to cool off and wash off the day.

With our fourth and final day arriving we had some tired bodies but we got straight into moving and playing a few games. It was then time to dive into our final two activities The Leap of Faith and the Bush Challenge.

Great work to everyone for pushing themselves more and more each day to really get the most out of camp. Wrapping up our last activities the groups voted for a person from each team who they thought lived camp by The 5 Keys, these lucky people scored a hot lap in our WW2 Army Tank. Well done to Dion, Ella, and Alexi. End of camp came too soon, it was time to say goodbye and head back home. Massive thank you to everyone from St Arnaud who came along to The Summit.

Cheers Cam and Logan :) :)


1st place - The Babes

Lap 1 - 34.17

Lap 2 - 7.05 improvement of 7.12

2nd place - The Sexy People

Lap 1 - 43.09

Lap 2 - 37.15 improvement 5.54


1st place - The Babes 18.56

2nd place - The Sexy People 21.34


1st place - The Sexy People 22.28

2nd place - The Babes 38.49


1st place - The Babes 580points

2nd place - The Sexy People 480points


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