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St Arnaud Secondary College Blog

It has been the pleasure of both Mason and Timmay to have the year 7’s from St Arnaud Secondary College along with their teachers at The Summit for the past four days.

After the long drive, there was so much energy that needed to be used, so without any time wasted it was into the initiatives and rotations of activities.

Tribe names of the students:

Spider Pigs

Peanut Butter Meatballs

The results from the tribes' challenges were as follows:

Snowy River:

Spider Pigs - 24.45

Peanut Butter Meatballs - 23.45

Bush Challenge you joined up and got a time of 24.37.

Monster improvement time was 7.13.

What a great effort by everyone!

At the end of camp, four people were chosen to go for a hot lap in The Summit tank. Congratulations to Chad, Lucy, Austin and Fynn on your effort throughout camp.

Well done to every student who came to camp from St Arnaud S.C. It was an incredible camp, and we hope you learnt a little more about yourself and the others in your year level.

Remember to unleash your greatness and stay connected to The Summit.


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