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St Brigid’s College Camp Blog

On a hot Monday afternoon, the students from St Brigid’s College rolled through The Summit gates. Eager to get going they got introduced to their team coaches Emily and Steph/Spinks, they were taught about the Five Keys and told about the basic rules of camp we then made our way down to the BBQ shelter where we split into two groups Group One was called the Hobblehobbs and group two Glen 20. The first two rotations were the Flying Fox and the Snowy River Challenge. Hobblehobbs ran the Snowy lap in 8mins 53sec including the Wombat Hole and Glen 20 ran their lap in 29mins 45sec including the Wombat Hole.

On Day 2 we started the day with the morning intention session where they were told about the three things that are out of their control: weather, people, and the program ahead with that in mind we decided to play a quick game of Jockeys to move their bodies and change for their state. The first lot of rotations were Sky Bridge and Trust Games followed by Inflatables. After the guys had lunch we then ask them to get changed then proceeded to do one more activity rotation followed by two epic laps of our Monster Course where both teams improved by more than 5 minutes! Hobblehobbs got an improvement time of five minutes and 10 seconds and Glen20 got an improvement time of 11 minutes and 42 seconds well done both teams! At the end of the Monster Course, we gave them a hot lap on our water slide to end the day.

On day three, the bus arrived early for pick-up, and the team packed up their stuff. After breakfast, we all sat down in the Blue Room and had one final camp debrief and a gratitude session where lots of things were discussed before they left, they all shared some GMIC that were written. On behalf of myself and The summit, we wish you all the best for the rest of the year and the year to come. we hope you had as much fun as we did, thanks for playing all in. ☺️


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