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St Francis Catholic College Melton Year 9 Camp Blog

It has been a pleasure having the year nines and teachers from St Francis Catholic College at the Summit for their 3-day camp. After all the formalities and introductions it was time to get out into the park and begin the camp experience.

Each tribe began with their team coming up with a tribe name, no longer were they known as 1,2,3, etc. but Big Backs, Alpha, Single Ladies, J.I.K Cookies, Six Chicks, Big Mc’s and Bigger Backs.

Here are the results from the tribe challenge that were completed while at camp:

Snowy River Challenge:

Single Ladies 46.32

Six Chicks 43.20

J.I.K 41.20

Big Backs 40.36

Bigger Backs 34.47

Alpha 33.30

Cookies 26.14

Big Mac’s 16.49 - WINNER!!.

Well everyone for giving it a red hot go.

Monster Course Improvement Time:

J.I.K - 3.15

Cookies - 6.17

Big Backs - 9.21

Single Ladies - 9.37

Alpha - 9.51

Big Mac’s & Bigger Backs - 11.07

Six Chicks - 13.35 WINNER!!

Great effort to all that participated in the Monster Course.

Throughout the camp, there were so many Great Moments In Camp, so much so that there was not enough time to read out all the G.M.I.C’s. Well done to those who wrote a G.M.I.C. and well done to those who received one.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for the person in your tribe who lived by The Summit Five Keys(Have Fun, Play All In, Make Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If). these individuals were acknowledged by their peers and got the all-mighty high five from Timmay. Well done to Kiana, Mia B, Athaika, Mickey, Ava, Bianca, Ruby and Tanae. You were all amazing in and for your tribes.

Once again it was a pleasure to work with you all. We hope you have had a safe term two break and take what you learned from The Summit and apply it to your everyday.


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