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St Ita's - Drouin

It was the second camp back for a very exciting week here @ The Summit.

St Ita’s arrived on Wednesday the 28th, and I’m not sure if the students or the coaches were more excited. Everyone ended the first day with a wild team name and we are pumped for the next day. The team names that the group came up with were: 1. Da Boiz 2. Time Wasters 3. Moo Dogs 4. Free Kicks Sydney 5. Bad Guys 6. Team Spiders 7. Mini Tigers Although it was challenging for almost all groups to form a circle at the start of camp, by the beginning of day 3 they were circle forming pros. Not only did that improve, but the teamwork that developed over the course of the three days was also phenomenal.

It was during the bush challenge where the team's teamwork was put to the test. Every group did well and learned a lot about what their team was succeeding at and what they needed to improve on.

We did time the groups and the results were:

1. Da Boiz - 21.46 2. Time Wasters - 26.45 3. Moo Dogs - 37.46 4. Free Kicks Sydney - 26.06 5. Bad Guys - 29.11 6. Team Spiders - 36.20 7. Mini Tigers - 24.51

The saying goes “when it rains it pours” and this was most certainly the case during the MONSTER COURSE. Not long after all the teams had just left the start line did the weather turn from sunshine to thunderstorms. This did mean that our epic course was limited to certain obstacles however there was no lack of fun. Everyone was having a wild time running in the rain and sliding in the mud, and it was a truly epic way to end the second day of camp. This race was also timed and it was awesome to see that all the groups managed to smash the course all with fairly similar times. The times for the monster course were: 1. Da Boiz - 20.11 2. Time Wasters - 22.10 3. Moo Dogs - 23.15 4. Free Kicks Sydney - 21.29 5. Bad Guys - 22.24 6. Team Spiders - 22.15 7. Mini Tigers - 22.47

The last day came around all too quickly and before we knew it the teams were completing their last 2 activities. Although the students were tired and still had chocolate moose in their ears they were ready to continue to play all in.

We finished camp off by congratulating certain team members for their efforts on camp with a ride in the army tank. Well done to Jesse, Caleb, Miley, Dylan, Max, Paige, Eliza, and Olivia for smashing those 5 keys.

Thank you St Ita’s for a wonderful 3 days during a crazy 2020 that I'm sure a lot of us will remember for a long time.


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