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St Mary's PS - Malvern Years 5 & 6 Camp Blog

The Summit recently had the opportunity to have Saint Mary's Primary School over for a three day visit where they did some activities, initiatives, had some delicious food, and pushed their boundaries learning what it means to be leaders.


Day one started with meeting The Summit staff and playing two group games. Left and Right, and 50 Up. then they were shown the safety of helmets and harnesses and Target, Stretch, Super Stretch. They then did some initiatives where they came up with a team name, then got straight into the Giant Swing where they pushed their absolute limits getting to the top of the biggest swing in Victoria and the Snowy River Challenge where teams raced to create their best time they could competing against each other, taking on the wombat hole like a boss. They finished the day off with the Night Walk which was after dinner.


Day two was a massive one with everyone getting on the Flying Fox, pushing their comfort zones in Cave, reaching new heights on Highwire, and absolutely destroying the adults in Laser Skirmish. There was also the Monster Course where both teams absolute smashed their first lap and then got surprised by being told there was a second, which they also smashed, both with more than 10 minutes improvement time! Day two was ended with a well deserved movie after their dinner.


Day three started with packing the bags and getting them ready to head off but we weren't done yet! There were still two more activities to go after a group game of Rock Paper Scissors Evolution! The last two activities consisted of Skybridge and Bush Challenge after which they had lunch, gave their values winners a ride in The Summit's WW2 army tank which everyone else got to watch and we also added in a turn for the teachers which was a ton of fun for the adults who deserved just that. But then it was time to say goodbye and wave the buses off as we saw the epic group of leaders drive out.


The group names ended up being the Skibidi Slicers and the Rizzlers of Oz.

Snowy River Challenge saw the Skibidi Slicers win with a time of 22.45 with the Rizzlers of Oz not far behind with 27.39

The Bush Challenge had the Rizzlers of Oz absolutely blow it out of the water with 28.55 followed by the Skibidi Slicers, still getting a decent time of 46.41 

The Monster Course results were super close, with a time difference of only 36 seconds but the Rizzlers of Oz came out on top with an improvement time of 10 minutes and 39 seconds and the Skibidi Slicers with 10 minutes and 3 seconds.

And of course our Values winners. After all your epic votes came in, we had from the Skibidi Slicers; Harry D and Dylan, and from the Rizzlers of Oz; Estella and Isabelle.


It was The Summit's pleasure to have the staff and students of Saint Mary's over, and we know if we saw you guys again it would be another epic experience. Thanks for coming.


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