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St. Mary's PS Yarram Year 5 to 6 Camp Blog

On a surprisingly warm Wednesday lunchtime, the Junior Smurfs of St Mary's Primary School rolled through the gates of The Summit for three of the best days ever! Rolling in of The Summit proved to be a little more challenging later that day, but the adults and students were unloaded and ready for action!

The teachers and I sat down and had a chat about how we were going to manage the week then when the kids and I sat down, we watched a video and introduced our Five Keys of Have Fun, Play All In, Make Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If, before playing a couple of games, showing everyone our harnesses and how to set themselves Targets, Stretches, and Super Stretches, and getting into our first activity.

We decided to start with a bang and hit the High Wire, which was a tightrope walk between two trees in a harness. There were a lot of tree-mendous efforts, but the one thing that stood out was the amazing support that would be out all week for Seamus. To see almost every student so positive and encouraging with him was a credit to you all. Arlin also made the most of the opportunity as we unfortunately had to say farewell to him that evening.

After the Highwire, we went on an exploration through camp, around the hills and to see the bush laser, which kinda felt like we were taken on by Eli, Max, Lewis and Joe, as they had already done their own exploring with all the students except Mia and Inara, before dinner, a game of Murder in the Dark, and a movie.

We kicked off Thursday morning with a chat from Kid President about setting an intention before making our way down into the park and playing a game of Pirates then heading over to the Bush Challenge. Max and Oz demonstrated their leadership by taking control and Blake helped everyone out of the Foam pit, but it was again Seamus who stole the show, doing the Mud Wall and the Foam pit to the cheers of all his classmates. With a time of 33 Minutes 18 Seconds, you should all be very proud.

We then got a bit silly in front of everyone with our Scavenger Hunt, and the boys looked resplendent in their incredible dresses! Lewis, Blake and Oz seemed to enjoy it the most, as what was supposed to be a “funishment” for losing our Gecko game turned more “Fun” than “Punishment”. Again, with 380 points for the rotation, you should all be proud of how well you worked together!

Our last activity was Giant Swing, and it was incredible to see everyone give it a go, with both Seamus and Inara showing incredible bravery, but it was Macey and Oz who shone, not only facing their fears but helping everyone nervous to get the best out of themselves.

We had a quick lunch of meatball wraps before heading to the eagerly anticipated Inflatable City. After a quick game of Foosball (the Blue team won) and a race through Adrenaline City (The Purple team won), we had a few one-on-one races. This was the first time I noticed the usually quiet Jikaya, who had been brave but hesitant until now. It is with great pride that we have placed Jikaya’s name on our record board as the fastest person through our Inflatable City course ever! 16.5 seconds is .6 of a second faster than one of our coaches did last year.

We then faced our Cave experience, a dark and quiet crawl through a cavern that tested our fears in a new way. Oz again led the way by leading the way for some of our more nervous students, including Mia and Inara, who again were so incredibly brave.

We then finished the day on Tash’s Ladder, an activity on our small tower where we could also watch the other school do the mud run. Lewis, Jikaya, Inara and Macey all dominated, getting to the top and leaning out with no hands!

After dinner (pasta) and dessert (waffles), the junior Smurfs watched The Lorax and then wandered off to bed.

The following morning after our pancakes and another chat from Kid President about gratitude and what we have in our lives to be thankful for, our final activity was the Flying Fox, where everyone got at least two turns! It was awesome to see Max and Blake so nervous to try it before running up the hill for another turn shouting about how good it was!

We also took a minute to vote on who we felt was the best student at representing the Five Keys, and it is with great pride and not too much surprise that Austin was announced as the winner, being voted for 3 times as much as anyone else by his on classmates.

Well done Oz!

We then gathered to say a massive thank you to every person who made the camp what it was before loading up onto the bus and hitting the road back to Yarram.

Thank you so much to Joe, Ms Owens and Ms Moore, but an even bigger thank you to Arlin, Oz, Lewis, Eli, Blake, Max, Seamus, Inara, Jikaya, Mia and Macey for each being a highlight of my week. I feel so privileged to be able to have taken you on the adventure you went on and I hope to see you all back here as soon as possible.

Papa Smurf and the crew at The Summit.


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