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St Mary’s Seymour Blog

What a way to end the term! Both year 5s and year 8s of Seymour came together to finish off term three with an awesome 3 days at The Summit!

Coaches Ella, Spinks (Sonic), Mesh, Shane, Marcus, Yves, and Emily had the privilege of hanging out with a bunch of legends and watching them unleash their greatness. Throughout the week so many people achieved things that they initially thought they couldn’t, whether it was going to the top of the Giant Swing, zooming down the Abseil wall or walking across a nail board and holding a real-life snake! Everybody showed what they are truly capable of. To help achieve these goals, we asked the students to set a target, stretch and super stretch! And I can proudly say that so many people hit plenty of super stretches!

To help make our camp go from good to GREAT, the students dove right in and lived and breathed by our Five Keys:

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don't Go Home Wondering What If

From day one we saw these keys in action!

Have Fun – not only did we have all the fun playing our large group games of Jockeys and Huckle Buckle, but we found out that doing the dishes and rolling in mud can even be fun if you put your mind to it!

Play All In – every group gave their all to every opportunity they were given! Especially on the Monster Course, the mud was definitely flying!

Make Lots of Mistakes – the students had an open mind about making mistakes and knew if they did it would be okay! They then learnt and grew from the situation.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – whether it was the Giant Swing or talking to new friends in their group, everybody got comfortable being uncomfortable in one way or the other! Your comfort zones are massive now!

Don't Go Home Wondering What If - waving goodbye to the buses and seeing 70+ happy smiles, we knew you were going home with no regrets!

Thank you all so much for living by our Five Keys, however, there were 7 people in particular who were voted as value winners because they were acknowledged and stood out for doing exactly that.

- Finn (shark bait)

- Harvey

- Logan

- Shetaya

- Melhoney

- Josh

- Mason

These legends were rewarded with a hot lap in our army tank!

Seymour’s values winners wouldn’t have been able to achieve as much as they did without their team. The epic teams were:

1. The cringe (Sonics little army of crazy names)

2. Blank

3. Lightning Destroyers

4. The Smurfs

5. Ravens

6. The Science Team

7. Hey Sisters

Using all the skills and tools to create an awesome team, each person encouraged and helped their peers.

The biggest test your team faced was during the Monster Course, where you were literally linked together to get through the course! You all completed the course, super muddy and super proud thinking it was done, only to find out that you were about to do the whole course again! This is where your teams came together, with resilience and strength, you learned from your mistakes, and you all improved your course time! We learnt the value and importance of teamwork as it was needed in all our activities, especially Trust Games, the Scavenger Hunt, and Bush Challenge! We then also learnt the value of healthy competition in Laser Skirmish, as coach Yves showed no mercy and played all in!

Speaking of competition, here are the results!

Thank you all so much for such a fun and awesome time during your camp! Best wishes for term 4!

From Ella, Sonic, Marcus, Mesh, Shane, Yves, and Emily


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