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St Michael's Berwick Blog

After having their camps cancelled multiple times over the last two years, we could feel the excitement that the children and staff from St. Michael’s had brought with them when they arrived here at The Summit. We did not want to keep them waiting for too long so after having some time to eat and settle into their accommodation we got right into our programmed activities for the day.

The activities that we had organized for St. Michael’s first day were the Scavenger Hunt, High Wire, Tash’s Ladder and The Abseil.

Even though the student had just arrived we saw many people pushing themselves to achieve some epic things from the-get-go. Things like students pushing past their fears to reach the top of our 20m tower or the top of a ladder suspended in the air even though being at heights was their greatest fear. We saw students having fun dunking their faces in the lake and climbing trees as well.

The night the students and teachers ran a talent show, Red Faces Night, that we heard was an absolute ball!

On the second morning after setting an intention for how we wanted our day to go we got right out for the last two rotations before moving into 4 brand new activities which were the Inflatable City, the Flying Fox, the Bush Challenge, and our Orienteering Course.

After our 4th rotation for Tuesday, we got prepared to start running our Monster Course. The course was set up to challenge the students' teamwork and resilience.

The teams ran two laps of our course to see if they could run even quicker and work even harder when they were wet, tired, and thought they were done. The teams all improved by at least 8 minutes!

Team one improved by 8:54

Team two had the greatest improvement with a whopping 16:02

Team three made a healthy 12:26 improvement

Team four improved by 11:06.

After the students had had their dinner and got some time to rest, they were also treated to an epic night of Minute to Win It with Centauri and Cheyanne, finished with a hectic Mousse Fight which saw some people getting covered in delicious chocolate mousse while other chose to sit back or even to sample some of the mouse rather than throw it.

On the final day of camp, we finished off our activities seeing some students really pushing their comfort zones and achieving some epic super stretches across all the groups.

The final activity of camp involved five students that the groups had voted for as their Summit Value Winners going for a hot lap in our WW2 Army tank.

The students that were voted in were Joel, Olivia, Thomas, Mason, and Seb. Well done for working so hard this week guys!

All the students that came to camp this week deserve to be so proud of their efforts, regardless of whether they did the best or not, as long as they did THEIR best, they are the best in our books!


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