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St. Michaels Primary School

On Wednesday the 18th Oct the ever excited grade sixes and their teacher Mr Cooper, principal Mrs Miller and parent helpers Anita and Rohan came to the came for a super fun first camp at the Summit. With all the craziness of schools coming and going the ever cool Matt welcomed everyone to the Summit while giving some facts about their team leader to come Timmay. Once Timmay arrived everyone greeted him with Hello Timmay, oh this is Timmay, and how is the Disney fan going? Tim was taken back, How did all these students know him yet he did not know them!

Half pipe and magic lily pads were the initiatives to begin camp with the Crazy Cougars making their way across the swamp to the mainland safely while the Mud Larkers carved up the Half Pipe to get the ball from the top of the ramp to the awaiting bucket. Great start to camp.

Bush Challenge was very close in times with their only being 51 seconds between the two groups. The winners of the bush challenge was the Mud Larks with a time of 27:21 beating out the Crazy Cougars who still got an impressive time of 28:12.

Every member of both tribes Played all in and had fun while on the sky bridge. Some may have fallen but they got back up and continued across the bridge. While this happened the other tribe would be meeting Mitch in the Snake and Nails Challenge. Great work Mr. Copper who really was not a fan of the snake but with his tribe support did his best and got his super Stretch.

Cabin three was where it was at in the afternoon of Thursday as both tribes would be there for either Cave or The Flying Fox. One tribe would go down and make their way through the cave as the other would fly through the sky and across the lake.

Monster Course was the muddiest and craziest activity for the camp. Both tribes did exceptionally well, but as we all know there could only be one winner and that would be The Crazy Cougars who improved their lap time by 5:04 followed by the Mud Larks who improved by 3:17.

Laser Skirmish was played after monster and before dinner. This allowed both groups too play laser and have a bonus activity on Friday.

Kevin was so amazing on the high wire. He was so brave to continue up and complete the entire activity.

Winners of the reward were Oakley, Kevin, Harvey and Annika who were lucky enough to get a hot lap in the army tank thanks to their efforts throughout camp and voted by their tribe mates.

Thank you again for a memorable camp St Michaels. We look forward to seeing you again at the summit to once again help you “Unleash your Greatness”.


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