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St. Pauls Warragul

What a crazy, hot and energetic three days was had by the students and teachers from St Pauls grade four classes. On Wednesday the 22nd November, the students drove down the road to the Summit to unleash their greatness as they completed initiatives, activities, monster course and learn the five keys to a great camp.

Each tribe came up with their own names. The tribes are as follows tribe one (Banana Joes), tribe two (Big Dot), tribe three (Limitless) and tribe four Summit Snails. What great names they all are. Summit Snails were born thanks to the misunderstanding of Tom; Snake and Nails turned to snails.

Steph and Gigi set the bar high as they climbed their way to the top of the Rock Wall. They were the only ones to do so for the entire camp. Photo scavenger hunt started with Big Dot and finished with Banana Joes. The Photo Scavenger hunt winners were the Big Dot with 480 points, followed by Limitless with 450 then Summit Snails with 420 and Banana Joes achieving 330 points.

Thursday saw the finish of the first set of rotations for activities and the beginning of the new set of four. Giant Swing was definitely the highlight for most students but also a great challenge. Highwire had students channel their inner circus performer as they walked across the wire to the middle to meet up with their friend. Cave went underground and found some student finding the bravery as the ventured into the darkness to make there way to the waiting room below.

Nothing would beat the feeling of flying as students went through the trees and over the lake for Flying Fox. Monster course was the last activity of the day before the water slide and weather turned. It was more about the fun of getting wet and muddy then the race. Everyone had a great time getting cool before hitting the water slide. We had to stop earlier on the water slide as Mother Nature got angry.

At the conclusion of camp each tribe voted for a member of their tribe to be rewarded with a ride in the WWII army tank. The winners were Braiden, Daniel, Dylan and Logan. Well done boys, we all hope it was fun and you remember it for years.

Thank you once again to all the student and teachers from St Pauls. We look forward to seeing you again at the Summit in the near future. Timmy, Tom, Dan and Beck.


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