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The Art of Letting Go

Pictured is one of our activities called The Giant Swing. The learnings demonstrated during this activity are very relatable to how we make choices in our day-to-day life.

When you experience this activity, you will be pulled by a team of your peers to a height at which your rope will be locked in, very high up in the air, there are three height levels to choose from. It is then up to you, and you alone to pull the release and allow yourself to free-fall (harnessed of course) swinging out over the water below. There is no other way down, so you must overcome any fear or assumptions you may have and just make the choice to “let go”.

Once you let go, you’ll feel incredibly free! You’ll feel complete liberation!

These same values apply in life.

In life, we tend to carry assumptions and “baggage” with us in certain situations. Using a situation in school as an example… A student gets in trouble with a teacher for talking in class. The student becomes embarrassed that they were told off in front of their peers, they become mad at the teacher. They then make assumptions, perhaps something like “Mr. Smith doesn’t like me”, or “I’m always getting in trouble” etc.

As the student continues with their day, moving on to the next class, those assumptions come with them, and all of a sudden they feel like all teachers don’t like them, or they always seem to be getting in trouble.

If the student can make the choice to just “let it go” after that class, moving on to the next class with a completely clean slate, they may find the rest of their day is much better.

In a less than ideal situation, try telling yourself:

  • Maybe I was wrong

  • Maybe they’re just having a rough day

  • Tomorrow is another opportunity, let’s just see what happens

Just let go! Start each new day with minimal assumptions and “baggage”. Leave everything at the door.

Wipe your slate clean and leave behind any assumptions that may stop you from being your best self, or getting the best out of a situation, leave it at the door, just let it go and see what happens.


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