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The Importance of Gratitude

The workshops and programs available at The Summit have been developed by industry leaders and offer world-class content and experiences.

There are 5 key elements to each workshop/program, one of which is the practice of gratitude. Space is created for participants to reflect on 3 things they are grateful for each morning, this is a practice that should continue on into everyday life, and here is an amazing article and YouTube clip to demonstrate why.

The health benefits of expressing gratitude are many, and some might surprise you:

For the individual:

  • increased happiness and positive mood

  • more satisfaction with life

  • less materialistic

  • less likely to experience burnout

  • better physical health

  • better sleep

  • less fatigue

  • lower levels of cellular inflammation

  • greater resiliency

  • encourages the development of patience, humility, and wisdom

For groups:

  • increases prosocial behaviors

  • strengthens relationships

  • may help employees’ effectiveness

  • may increase job satisfaction

Scholars, spiritual leaders, and scientists throughout history have deliberated on gratitude. More recently, the scientifically-validated benefits of gratitude are better understood.

Through the work of leading researchers like Robert Emmons and Martin Seligman, we know that this virtue is more than just saying, “thank you.”

Numerous studies are demonstrating how gratitude journaling can increase one’s happiness. Others show that inflammation in one’s body can decrease. Each study offers insights into how a person can improve their overall health and well-being.

Read the full article here.


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