The Smith Family Blog

On Wednesday we welcomed the Smith Family to The Summit. Thank you for making the trip down once again. We love having you girls join us each year. It is truly a highlight for our coaching team. This year we were so lucky to see a few familiar faces. Some of these girls joined us here at The Summit 2 years ago. How incredible to see them stepping into leadership roles and supporting the younger girls. To start camp off we shared our 5 keys with the girls, these are:

1. Have fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

We believe that if you take these 5 keys on board whilst you are at camp you’ll do things you didn’t think you could would or should. It was awesome to see how willing the girls were to take all this information in. Once we got the talking over and done with, it was time to start playing some games. To get our bodies moving we played a game called ‘GOTCHA’. Congrats to Destiny for taking out first place, to everyone, well done playing all in.

Over the girls time at The Summit they partook in a range of activities that pushed them outside their comfort zones. To see the growth from all the girls over their 3-day stay was mind blowing. The girls split into two groups one group named themselves the Deadly Champs and the other group named themselves the Devils. For each group to get more familiar with everyone in their teams the Deadly Champs worked together to secure the treasure chest of the Island and the Devils scurried a ball down the Half Pipe tubes. These activities are great icebreaker games. From the beginning the older girls really stepped up and supported all the young girls. What incredible role models for all the girls to see. The activities had the girls abseiling down our BIG TOWER, battling in a game of Laser Tag, navigating their way around camp to find check points, Flying Fox, racing each other on Inflatable World, working together to complete our Snowy River Challenge, scurrying up the Rockwall’s and swinging 36 meters in the air on Victoria’s largest GIANT Swing. What a way to expand everyone’s comfort zones.

Throughout our mornings at The Summit we started them a little bit differently. Each morning we got the girls to consider what they wanted to get out of their days, we do this by setting a morning intention. As the saying goes, 'win the morning win the day'. We also got the girls to consider what they had to be grateful for in their worlds. When you start your morning with a full heart and clear goals it is amazing what you can achieve. Thought the girls stay at camp we also shared many of GMIC’S.

Steph and I had a few GMIC’s we would like to give the girls.

o Destiny - from the very beginning you showed incredible leadership throughout your time at camp, you also were a great role model for all those around you.

o Jaz - From the get go you played all in, gave everything your best. Including things that made you feel nervous like completing the Abseil Wall like a boss.

o Kayla -You were always there ready to lend a helping hand. You where a true stand out amongst all the girls. We loved having you at camp, keep being awesome.

o Hannah - You have a heart of gold. You were a great leader and were very supportive to all the girls around you. Always willing to lend helping hand.

o Gemma - It was great to see you peek out of your shell through your time with us at camp. Keep it up girl!

o Sky - Pushing her limits and giving every challenge her very best.

o Taylor G - You my friend are an incredible human. Seeing you face your fears on the Giant Swing was truly a highlight. Never doubt yourself or your abilities. Because you can do anything you put your mind to.

o Gabbi - You gave every activity your very best and showed incredible resilience. Great work playing all in!

o Leaha - For facing her fears on the Giant Swing and being the first person to go up the Rock Wall. It was great to see your comfort zone expand.

o Bree - You gave every activity your very best and showed great leadership especially when completing the Treasure Challenge on the first day.

o Erika - Being brave and going first down the Abseil Wall. Great to see you do your best no matter what the challenge.

o Clair - Well done getting over the wall at the Snowy River Challenge and for being a supportive team mate throughout the Snowy River Challenge.

o Melissa - For being a quite achiever, she gave every activity a red-hot crack. It was great to see you open up and step outside your comfort zone during the duration of camp.

We had so many GMIC’s we wanted to put in the blo