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Tintern Grammar Year 6 Blog

Year 6’s

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, the students and teachers from Tintern Grammar arrived at The Summit. Once onsite the school got shown the stadium where they had their lunch and eagerly awaited the tent allocations. After being shown their accommodations the students were welcomed back into the stadium where they met The Summit coaches, including their Team Leader Steph. The students were introduced to The Summits 5 Keys; Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t Go Home Wondering ‘What If’.

A quick game of GOCHA was played and then the students went straight into their first two activity rotations for the day: Snowy River Challenge, Rock Wall, Flying Fox, and Inflatables. Some highlights from the day were: Charlotte for doing her Super Stretch in the Wombat Hole at Snowy River Challenge. Lathaniel for showing great leadership and support throughout the Snowy River Challenge and Lacey for having the courage to give the Flying Fox a go.

Day two was a BIG one, we started it by setting an intention. The students then played a game of ‘Huckle Buckle’ where Lathaniel and Cameron won and Lilly and Charlotte came a close second. Four activity rotations, TWO laps of our Summit epic Monster Challenge, safe to say there were a lot of smiles and laughter, fears were faced and character was put to the test, the students of Tintern College rose to the challenge regardless of the rainy weather that day. Two new activity rotations were completed: Sky Bridge, Leap of Faith, Cave, and Snake & Nails. Some highlights: Ruby went first on the Sky Bridge showing the others how it was done and Taylor for getting back up and pushing through after falling on the Sky bridge. Luca and Harry for their amazing support and strength throughout the Snowy River Challenge. Harley for being the only one to grab the bar on the Leap of Faith.

Final day and there were a few tired faces! Before the activities could begin, we had to prepare ourselves mentally and set an intention as well as focus on gratitude, after that we moved our bodies and played a game of ‘BIG STAR, LITTLE STAR’. With the two last activity rotations in mind, the students made the most of the time they had left by playing all in and giving it all they had. Some last highlights were Matt's Super Stretch on the Sky Bridge, Lesha for being the only girl to grab the bar on Leap of Faith, Austin for his Super Stretch on the Nail board, and Aston, Nathan, and Andrew for getting their Super Stretch at the Snake & Nails.

On behalf of The Summit and coaches, we wish you all the best with the rest of the year, and thank you for coming!

From Steph, Ash, Logan, and Sarah 😊

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