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Upper Yarra SC Year 8 Camp Blog

On Monday the 24th of June Upper Yarra Secondary College buses full of eager students arrived at The Summit. Once the students were settled into their accommodation and filled with crucial information, we could get started on activities. The exciting Summit activities the Upper Yarra students participated in were Giant Swing, Sky Bridge, Tash’s Ladder, Cave, Laser Skirmish and Bush Challenge. At the end of the rotation the groups needed to come up with a team name, the reason is because they would soon need to make an armband that’s personalized to their tribes.

One of the biggest challenges presented to the students was the Sky Bridge, while some breezed through it with confidence others were nervous. For example, Hayley from the Monkeys was determined to stay on the ground but took 3 steps out on the bridge. Destroying her target, stretch, and super stretch, which was to be on the platform. Another nervous participant was Zarley from the Monkeys, she was super nervous on the bridge but they crushed her super stretch of not falling as well as crossing the bridge fully.

The Bush Challenge also had several elements that challenged the students one of them being the foam pit. Liam and Jarrod from We Eat Soap showed extraordinary teamwork when they got back into the foam pit to help their fellow teammates get out. The whole team got around the remaining teammates and helped out from the top of the pit. As the students rotated through the activities on camp they were pushed and challenged. Some of these challenges and competitions were timed or gained points for our team. On the final day of camp, the results were read out as well as the values winners, these students showed the summits 5 values the most and were voted on by their teammates.

The results:

Values Winners:

From Choo Choo Trains was Blaze

From Monkeys was Archie

From The Rat Heads was Chloe

From Moon Trauma was Brydie

From We Eat Soap was Liam

From Sparkly Unicorn Poop was Liam

Monster Course Improvement Time:

1st place Moon Trauma with 11 minutes and 26 seconds

2nd place Choo Choo Trains with 11 minutes and 23 seconds

3rd place We Eat Soap with 11 minutes and 12 seconds

4th place Sparkly Unicorn Poop with 9 minutes and 26 seconds

5th place Monkeys with 8 minutes and 28 seconds

6th place The Rat Heads with 7 minutes and 4 seconds

Bush Challenge:

1st with a time of 16:39 is Choo Choo Trains

2nd with a time of 21:16 is Sparkly Unicorn Poop

3rd with a time of 22:26 is Monkeys

4th with a time of 26:58 is The Rat Heads

5th with a time of 40:24 is We Eat Soap

Unfortunately, the Moon Trauma did not finish

Tribe Challenge:

1st is the Monkeys with 22 points

2nd is The Rat Heads with 18 points

3rd is Choo Choo Trains with 16 points

4th is Sparkly Unicorn Poop with 15 points

5th is Moon Trauma with 12 points

6th is We Eat Soap with 11 points


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