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Upper Yarra Secondary College

On a sunny Monday afternoon the bus rolled through The Summit gates, the year 12 students of Upper Yarra Secondary College were ready to get started.

They were welcomed and given a tour by their team leader, shown to their tent accommodations, and then said hello to the rest of The Summit Team.

Straight off the bat, the students smashed three rotations, emotions unfolded, competitive nature showed and tribe names created. Snake and Nails, Inflatable, and Abseil were the activities and the tribe names were; 1. Zinger Boxes 2.Those People 3. Freeshevacado. Highlights; for Abseil, it was Taryn, Mickeyla, and Paige who played all in and faced their fears. Inflatables it was Blake that played the hardest, setting new records.

As the second day unfolded we started the day with setting an intention. We then did 4 rotations (Laser, Tash's Ladder, Sky Bridge before lunch. Bush Challenge, Leap of Faith, and High Wire after lunch. Followed by our epic Monster Course Challenge, which they all ran twice!

There were many people to highlight, here are some of them; Zach and Chris for smashing the Sky Bridge, on Tash's Ladder Jasmyn, for setting a Target, Stretch and Super Stretch, and completing them all. In Bush Challenge, Josh E showed true leadership in the Foam Pit. And for Laser, it was Jim who played the hardest.

The last day came around and there were plenty of tired faces, as well as setting an intention we wanted to focus on the power of gratitude, we had been doing this already as groups had gotten around The Summit's GMIC box (great moments in camp), where the kids can give and get complements too and from each other.

Two more rotations to go and the students were set on leaving camp with no regrets. Leap of Faith, Bush Challenge, and Flying Fox were the activities run and some of the high lights were; Jim for Bush Challenge, Jenny for Leap of Faith, and Josh for Flying Fox.


1. Zinger Boxes

2. Those People

3. Freeshevacado

Bush challenge: 1. 16.18min 2.16.02mins 3.12.02min

Monster times: 1. 10.20min 2. 9.23min 3. 8.29

Values winners: 1.Jenny 2.Jim 3. Jade

From all of us here at The Summit, we want to say thank you for playing all in and having all the fun with us, you will be missed and we wish you all the best for you final year together!

From: Steph, Sarah, Cam, Liam and Jackie


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