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Upwey High School

The year 8’s of Upwey High School joined us in 2 halves across 5 days to break down their limitations, stretch their limits, and truly unleash their individual greatness!

Over the course of the camps, groups completed 8 challenging and varied activities, as well as our one and only Monster Course. Activities included Flying Fox, Bush Challenge, Sky Bridge, Scavenger Hunt, Tash’s Ladder, Abseil, Inflatables, High Wire, Snake & Nails, and Orienteering; allowing everybody the chance to push their comfort zone in many ways.

Some memorable moments across the camps from us as coaches include…

  • Sebby crossing the Sky Bridge completely blindfolded!

  • Group 1 for smashing the Bush Challenge as a team and completing it in 7mins!

  • Thomas achieved the fastest ever camper time from any school on the Sky Bridge with an impressive 29 seconds!

  • The Legends never gave up and showed us what true character was including some of the best and most epic stacks from Shamish, Evie, Zac, Lucy, and Arlia.

  • Teachers Jen and Kelly for playing all in, getting vulnerable, and breaking a board.

  • Ashlee for pushing her boundaries to the extreme whilst on Tash’s Ladder.

  • Massie for pushing herself outside her comfort zone on numerous occasions and for completing the Flying Fox.

  • Cooper for always having a go get ’em attitude and for having all the fun in our one and only Monster Course.

  • Emily camp one, for being an incredible leader in every Activity.

To all of you, thank you for sharing so many other incredible moments and allowing us to be a part of the fun, laughter, and success you experienced.

You all embodied our 5 Keys and took on every activity with a wicked attitude. Not only were we stoked to see you have an incredible time during the 1st lap of Monster Course, but you all deserve another congratulation for the way you came together as a team and supported each other to achieve something wonderful in the second lap. Your determination and resilience were evident and we could see you all truly playing all in and having all the fun!

SO you can see the comparison of times across your whole grade all the improvement times from both camp 1 and 2 or as follows:

Group 1: 8mins

Texas Tubbies: 9mins

The Boiz: 19mins

Tim Tams: 8mins

Monkys: 15mins

Feet: 3mins

Raglafart: 15mins

Sunscreen: 11mins

Dave: 8mins

Junkies: 14mins

At the end of the camps, you all voted in some individuals who were standouts in your particular team for pushing their comfort zone, living by our camp values, and just absolutely rocking camp! Those superstars are none other than; Dylan, Dakota, Noah, Thomas, Shamish, Lucy, Audrey, Chantelle, Diami, and Massie.

From us, at The Summit we hope you continue to challenge your beliefs, push your boundaries, chase your dreams, and remember no matter what ‘ifs you think you can or you think you can’t...You're right! Big smiles and good luck for your year, your coaches; Ash, Mia, Logan, Centauri, Ella, and Matt.


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