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Upwey Secondary College Camp One and Two Blog

What an incredible week! The weather went from stinking hot to rain and then back down to a cool 18 degrees. On Monday we welcomed the first group of Upwey students followed by the second half arriving on a Wednesday. The Summit love kick-starting the term with such a vibrant group of year 8’s. Both groups showed incredible resilience and growth over the week. Every single person played all in and gave all the activities their absolute best, which was evident when students pushed themselves outside of their comfort zones.

The Summit staff shared five important keys with the students whilst they were in camp. Here at The Summit, we believe that when you incorporate these keys into your day-to-day lives, you’ll see mind-blowing differences in your lives. These 5 keys are

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What-If

Thank you to all the students who played all in and gave these 5 keys a red-hot crack.

Over the course of the week, both groups (camp A and B) stretched themselves outside their comfort zones, The students found themselves flying foxing over the lake, getting their hands dirty and testing their teamwork skills trying to get the fastest time at Bush Challenge, finding out how to tight rope between two trees and lying down on our High Wire, racing each other through the Inflatable World, expanding their comfort zones whilst Abseiling 22 meters down our BIG TOWER, playing a few rounds of Laser Tag, conquering the Rock Wall and reaching the top, navigating through the dark and the cold Cave (what a way to get comfortable being uncomfortable) climbing 23 meters in the air, leaning back and letting go with both hands and a leg….. What a way to get the blood pumping and finish off by completing the Leap of Faith. Congratulations to those who reached the bar and went upside down. To each one of you, we thank you for having ALL THE FUN, we couldn’t have run camp without you. It was so awesome to see all of you playing all the games in between activities, things like Clap Ball, Tic Tac Toe, Tug of War, Pirates and Huckle, Huckle Buckle and Jokies. Sometimes when we get older, we forget how to play and have fun- so thank you for letting your hair down and getting involved.

The fun didn’t stop there on day two of camp the students got to embrace our epic Monster Course, each group found themselves dodging mud, climbing hills, swimming over the Big Cargo net, carrying tires, throwing balls, pulling sleds, staying together as a team, and racing against the clock. The students crushed the first lap of the mud challenge, however, after the first lap we sent them out to perform one more. The reason? Anybody can run the mud on a good day, however, we wanted to see what each team was truly capable of, so the second lap was to gather the improvement time from lap one.

Incredible efforts to all the groups who improved by at least 5 minutes or more. It just goes to show, sometimes we sell ourselves short. If you want something bad enough there is always a way to get it.


Camp A

Camp B

Even though the heat took its toll on us as at the start of the week, all the students gave everything their best shot. And for that we thank you. The Summit team also loved sharing Morning intentions and Gratitude with you. We hope you consider some of these techniques moving forward. As the saying goes... “win the morning win the day”

Congratulations to our Values winners, we hope you enjoyed riding our WW2 army tank!

Camp A - Jo, Zac, Jed, Michael, Rocky and Harrison,

Camp B - Jadem Finn, Dane, Matilda and Ghislaine

The Summit team wish all the year 8’s of Upwey a very safe and happy year ahead. Thanks for kicking off term One with us here at The Summit. We wish you all the absolute best once again.

Kind regards The Summit team.


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