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Wallan Secondary College

What a week with 30 legends.

We started off as groups one and two but we quickly became the famous CHUBS and TICKLE PICKELS. Oh wait was it the PICKLE TICKLES. Just kidding after four days of getting it wrong I can confirm that I know it was the PICKLE TICKLES.

We kicked things off the first afternoon with Inflatables and the Giant Swing. Participation was awesome all round and the focus to PLAY ALL IN and HAVE FUN was a success.

The second day we were even more ready. We all had a taste of camp and we were keen to try more. Wednesday was a BIG day, a GREAT day. We started with the Snowy River Challenge and the Highwire. During the Snowy River Challenge there was some awesome leadership happening and some incredible support and teamwork. It was great to see you guys working so well, so early on. Ethan took an impressive slide during the course and copped it like a boss, the pickles were very impressed. The wombat hole was a nice surprise for both teams and everyone did a great job. Kya did a great job at embracing the uncomfortability of dark spaces. Well done girl. Highwire was our first activity with a bit of heights, and it kind of totally freaked some of us out which was AWESOME.

After lunch we got a bit silly and ran amuck in the Laser Skirmish fields and we also crossed the Sky Bridge. Some of us were pleasantly surprised by the bridge and found it easier than we thought it would be and for others it was the opposite. There was some gnarly persistence from some individuals, GREAT WORK Arya, Jordan, Brock and Ayla. Talk about getting knocked down and getting back up again.

We ended the day with the MONSTER COURSE. It was soooo cool to see how supportive and caring you guys were to each other as well as how eager you were to work hard. There was an incredible balance between support and competitiveness that is super rare and super special. Peyton and myself were crazy impressed. It was also cool too see you guys so eager to do it again together which lead to the madness of the second lap and a new team was formed. THE CHUBBY PICKLES. WHAT A BUNCH.

Some of us woke up a little tired and a little sore after Wednesday. But Thursday was still going to be LEGENDARY. More fun to be had. More opportunities to GET COMFORTBALE BEING UNCOMFARTABLE and to MAKE LOTS OF MISTAKES. #yeahbabey.

Thursday morning we had the LEAP OF FAITH and the CAVE. Both brought tears for both tribes, but the tears accompanied some incredible moments of courage and some pretty proud souls afterwards. Well-done to Tatum and Alannah who were very scared in the cave.

Well-done to Damon and Jordan and Zac for their Efforts on the Leap of Faith. Was also super cool to see Madi’s huge success on leap, from believing she couldn’t do any of it to proving to herself that she could do it all and more. Was such a cool morning all round. The noise and love for our tribe mates at the leap of faith was WORLDCLASS as well.

Before lunch we passed our shoe around, who knew it could be so tricky LOL. We quickly discovered who was funny about shoes and who could count to a beat. Lunch brought some great vibes as we brought out our dancing shoes. You name it, we did it. We also learnt that Ms Sez could do the splits. Jaw dropping. Haha Everyone was starting to understand that we were here to push ourselves and I was excited because after lunch there was just more opportunities: The Summit Window and the Snake and Nails.

There was a few of us a bit tentative to meet the snake, especially Gabby. Well-done for staying in the room though Gabs. Then there was the Summit Window, boy were we a bit scared. Well done to Ms Sez for doing more than last year. Well-done to soooo many of you though. There were so many “I can’t do this’s’ that quickly turned into “I just did that.’. We wrapped up another RIPPA day with a few of us going down the waterslide. There was lots of screaming. I think some of us were a bit surprised at how fast the old slide went ;) hahah.

Friday, our last day. You guys were so awesome. To compare Tuesday to Friday was so cool. The confidence you had in yourselves to conquer the heights of the abseil and the support you had for each other throughout was 10/10. Was Such a huge amount of growth from Tuesday. A big CONGRATS to Jakey and Brock, Abseil was a big activity for you guys, I was super impressed with your attitudes to get it done. The pride you felt after perfectly reminded us all of why we do things that are outside our comfort zone. The awesome improvement times during the bush challenge also confirmed how well you guys had learnt to work with each other, such a cool thing to master. If you bring the vibe of the Chubs and the Pcikle Tickles to every team you guys ever work in = HAPPY DAYS.

There were so many great moments at camp. So many great chats, thanks to the support of Mr Eliss. Was awesome having your perspective brought to the group discussions, made it super real and relatable. Well-done to Brock, Gware and Tatum for being recognised from your tribe mates for your awesome camp efforts, your consistency to embrace the 5 Keys and everything Camp was about was SICK.

Chubby Pickles, thank you so much for everything you brought. Camp was the greatest.

Keep smashing it. Keep sharing the love and making some noise. Back yourselves. Have all the fun. Stay Legendary. All the best. Mads. Peyton. Dan and Jordan.

P.s. I had a feeling that Harry may have eatin 15 weet-bix. Not sure though It wasn’t mentioned much.


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