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“What Is Self-Worth and Why Is It Important?”

Self-worth is being able to feel good about yourself with no influence from another person or outside source. It is the belief that you are a valuable person regardless of what you have or haven't accomplished. It's the belief that you matter.

Self-worth seems to shield us from many types of mental illness and emotional problems. Low self-esteem has been identified as a factor in addictions, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

When people don't believe in their inherent value, then drugs, alcohol, and other addictions can seem to ease the pain. They may fight their way out of addiction just by force of will.

People who don't value themselves tend to get into unhealthy relationships. They may look for someone who they believe can do for them what they feel they can't do for themselves.

Benefits of Self-Worth

Having healthy self-worth not only helps prevent poor mental health, but it also has many other positive benefits, too. When you value yourself no matter what circumstance you're in or who is around you, you can have what you need and more. You can be your best and do your best. You can have the best quality of life possible for you at any given moment. Here are some of the benefits that come along with it:

Get Your Needs Met

There are two ways to get your needs met. First, you can reach them yourself. To do that efficiently, you need to be able to value yourself enough to justify putting in the effort to meet them yourself. The other way to meet your needs is to work with others to meet them. The truth is that even when you reach your own needs, there's almost always someone else involved in helping you meet them. You can't be assertive about getting help to meet your needs unless you value yourself enough to face that challenge.

Solve Problems Confidently

Problems come up at work, at home, and in the community. When these difficulties arise, a poor sense of self-worth usually leads to feelings of being overwhelmed. However, when you have positive self-worth, you're more likely to accept the challenges life offers you.

Make Decisions More Boldly

Making decisions can be excruciating if you have poor self-worth. You may doubt your knowledge or ability to judge the situation. Once you find healthy self-worth within yourself, you can reason out your decision and make the best possible choice. You can decide whether a low-risk, medium-risk or high-risk option is best in this specific situation. You don't hesitate to decide or put the decision off on someone else. You know that however it turns out, your life will still matter.

Have More Honest Relationships

You can have more honest relationships when you have a higher sense of self-worth because you don't feel the need to hide who you are.

Be More Realistic in Expectations

People who value themselves highly don't demand perfection of themselves. Why? Because they are so in tune with their basic humanity that they know perfection isn't a realistic goal for themselves or others. They don't feel threatened by the knowledge that they and others will make mistakes or that the world they live in isn't always safe and reliable.

Be More Resilient

Valuing yourself makes you more resilient to setbacks. When you think poorly of yourself, you're more likely to feel devastated by failures and losses.

Content for this article was obtained from the Better Help Website


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