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Why students should go on school camp?

School camps are a time-honored tradition that has been a part of the educational experience for generations. Camps offer students a unique opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, develop their social skills, and explore the world around them.

Going on school camp provides students with the opportunity to learn in a new and engaging environment. Students who go on camp are exposed to a range of new experiences that they would not encounter in the classroom. They are able to learn about the environment, history, culture, and wildlife of the areas they are visiting. These experiences not only enhance their learning but also spark their curiosity and interest in the world around them.

Secondly, school camps help students to develop social skills and form new friendships. The experience of spending several days with a group of their peers, away from their usual routine and support network, provides students with the opportunity to develop their communication and collaboration skills. They learn to work together in groups, develop empathy, and form new friendships. These skills are essential for success in all aspects of life, from the classroom to the workplace. This is relevant more than ever post covid.

Currently, students across year levels are potentially showing a lack of independence and are reliant on devices. Camps help students to develop independence and self-reliance, they are often required to take responsibility for themselves in a new and unfamiliar environment. They learn to make decisions, manage their time, and take care of themselves and their belongings. These skills not only benefit them during the school camp, but also prepare them for future life experiences, such as university, work, and travel.

Students are able to take the opportunity to challenge themselves and take controlled risks. Students who go on school camps are often asked to participate in activities they would not normally do, such as abseiling, rock climbing, or leap of faith. These experiences provide students with the opportunity to challenge themselves, step outside of their comfort zone, and learn to manage their own state. These skills are essential for success in all areas of life, from personal growth to professional development.

Now more than ever, community and connection are critical. During camp, students are exposed to a similar group of people in a new environment, from activity groups to cabin groups and meal times. School camps and outdoor education provide students with a range of valuable experiences to develop their social skills, enhance their learning and prepare them for future life experiences.

Parents and educators should encourage students to participate in school camps, as they provide a unique opportunity for students to learn outside of the classroom, develop their independence and self-reliance, challenge themselves and take risks, and develop a sense of community and connection. It is an irreplaceable part of school education for students that should not be foregone.


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