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Yarram Secondary College Blog

Wow! What a world-class bunch of students.

The Summit crew thanks you for making your way down to Trafalgar East. How lucky that we had some moments of beautiful weather to complete the activities in. You all pushed yourself outside your comfort zones on numerous occasions. To all the teachers who took time away from family and loved ones to help run an epic and fun camp we thank you for all the laughs and dedication towards the team games.

From morning intentions with Logan to morning gratitude with Sarah and eight epic rotations of activities we hope you were able to take a few things away. Remember to keep setting yourselves clear goals. All teams not only completed the rotations but also TWO laps of our Monster Course. Despite feeling cold, wet, and tired most teams improved their times. To those who gave it their all (you know who you are) incredible efforts and a special mention go to the Shark Bate Who Ha Ha’s. Well done for doing your absolute best and playing all in. even though half your team left you.

Many of the activities found the students feeling at times a little bit overwhelmed and uncomfortable. However, with the use of our target, starch, and super stretch every student strived to do their best, and that’s what it’s all about. To the students who also used our Five Keys, we hope it helped you achieve your goals and left you not going home wondering what If.

Not only did the students complete multiple activities they also managed to constantly show up and stay present, it was inspiring to watch you guys get around each other and genuinely care for one another. Keep doing that for the rest of the time, because we have two hands for a reason, one hand to help ourselves and one hand to help others.

Each morning we played a game to get our bodies moving. Firstly, we played a game called Jockeys, Pirates and then on the second day we played a game of Clap Ball, Ball Toss, and Gotcha. Well done to the lucky people who won those games. You know who you are!

Again, we thank you for playing it all in and having all the fun. Just remember that on the other side of uncomfortably lies freedom.

All the best for the year ahead.

Big thanks from The Summit team in Blue


One student from each team was nominated to represent our Five Keys values, this person tried everything to the best of their abilities and didn’t have any regrets.


Leo, Lilly, Kayla, Hanna


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