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Yinnar Primary School Year 5&6 Blog

On a hot Monday afternoon, the bus rolled up to The Summit with students from Yinnar P.S. After being shown to their tent accommodation, the level of excitement grew, as the kids were keen to have lunch, settle in and start the activities. After being welcomed by The Summit team and introduced to the camp's 5 Keys; Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering ‘What If’.

The students learnt about the goal-setting technique called Target, Stretch and Super Stretch, to help them break all the activities down into more manageable chunks.

Students started with a game of “50” Up (which they smashed on their first attempt). The groups started with initiatives and two rotations for the day and created their new team names:

1. Spags

2. The Goats (Scruks)

3. Silly Sardines

4. RAD Babies.

The first lot of activities were Leap of Faith, Cave, Bush Challenge and Summit Window.

The second lot of activities were Giant Swing, Laser Tag, High Wire, Snowy River Challenge.

Day two was a big one, it started with setting intentions followed by a loud repeat after me game called Big Star, Little Star. With their minds and bodies prepared for the day, The student completed 4 rotations and 2 epic laps of our Monster Course.

Day three and there were a lot of tired faces, we set our morning intentions and added some gratitude, we then got our bodies moving with a group exercise called ‘Get Loose’, we then finished off our last two rotations strong, in the last debrief the tribes chose one member from each group to become our values winners, someone who represented the 5 keys the most throughout camp.

These people are:

Group 1-Charlotte P

Group 2- Pippa

Group3 - Layla

Group 4- Archer

Well done!

There were also many ‘FUN-ciquences’ throughout the camp as the dream team (staff and coaches) were also playing all in with our staff games!

Songs included: TicTocs dance to Savage Love, I’m a Little Teapot, Gangnam style, Macarena, Chicken Dance, and we don’t talk about Bruno dance as well.. Safe to say the students were very entertained :)

The Monster Course (time most improved)

1. Spags - improved by 8.36mins & 20.02

2. Goats- improved by 5.20mins & 22.15mins

3. Silly Sardines -improved by 6.58mins & 19.18

4. Rad Babies- improved by 8.15mins & 27.59mins

Bush Challenge and Snowy River Times:

1. Spags - improved by 29.01mins

2. Goats- improved by 31.10mins

3. Silly Sardines -improved by 17.50mins

4. Rad Babies- improved by 35.42mins

On behalf of the team here at The Summit, we would like to say thank you for playing all in and having all the fun, best of luck with the rest of the year!

From: Steph (Spag), Ella, Shanara and Rohan! :)


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