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What Churches are saying

What Churches and Community groups are saying about The Summit.

“As a youth leader, some of my fondest memories are being part of the life changing experiences at The Summit that have helped build a foundation of character and community among our group members. The facilities are fantastic and the staff were amazing! ”

Georgia Pearson- Youth Leader- Kardinia Church 

 “I have been watching for some time now the incredible work the Summit has been conducting with students, families & church groups. It's a wonderful venue, I highly recommend it to all church groups!"

Ben Service- Youth leader- Moe Church 

“Everything was exactly as we were told it would be. The level of information provided to us prior to arrival was outstanding!”

Toni Willings – Family Group

“Our young carers had a blast. Thank you for making our day such a success, you were so lovely and helpful.”

Kerry Jarvis - Latrobe Community Health

“Ready and waiting for us when we arrived, enthusiastic and engaging with our families, activities were very unique and adventurous and the energy and excitement was fantastic.”

Nicky Lombard - Camp Quality

What Young People are saying about The Summit.

"There hasn't been a day since I left camp that I haven't used what I learnt and continuously use to change my innermost attitude."

"When I returned home, for the first time I looked myself in the mirror and saw someone that I was proud of. I saw someone of strength and courage and finally acknowledged a beauty I was once so unaware of. 

"Im so so so grateful I got the opportunity to experience this camp. It was truly something I will not forget. The bond I created with everyone is just crazy. You have changed my life. This whole entire experience has changed my life."

"The greatest 3 days of my life, this camp has changed how I think about people, life, friends and family. I feel like there in a whole new meaning to life. It's taught me that no matter what you do when you start something see it through to the end, and gain the sense of achievement to be proud."

"I have to make a massive shout out to my team, what we did, and achieved together as one was amazing. They helped me push through barriers and overcome fears and this wasn't just for me, everyone made and outstanding effort and gained achievements over this time.​"

"I am so proud of everyone for conquering so much fear, the teamwork was amazing and everyone was there for one another. In a world where human connection has become so much more and more... disconnected, just having 120 people all connecting to one another just gave me so much hope."
"We all had our moments and we all there to support each other. In fact the amount of support we have between us was surreal. I came into the camp with my best friend, and we were basically crapping ourselves as we just didn't know what was to come or what to expect. Little did we know that we were going to make some of the most amazing, lifelong friends and discover things about ourselves we never thought possible​"

"I have learnt so much about myself, and have broken through so many of my person barriers. Thank you to Tegan, you were such an amazing mentor and really understood and supported us."

What Parents are saying about The Summit

"What a sensational experience you provided our children with!  On her return our Daughter said "Best Camp Ever!"  I asked her what made it so good and she said it was of inspirational staff and engaging activities. 

"As a teacher of more that 20 plus years I have never seen a camp program of this calibre.  Sarah did not stop talking about the camp for two hours and was bubbling with enthusiasm and empowerment."
"I have a self assured and confident young man in my house tonight and I have the wonderful growth that this camp was able to bring out in him to thank for that." 
"We are so grateful that our daughter was able to take part in such an empowering, self affirming,collaborative and positive experience that has made her a better and stronger person."

"Ben continues to make personal goals each day and lives by the camp mantra- don’t go home wondering! "

"Thank you all for helping my son to find his motivation and drive to be the hero in his own world. He champions your ethos every day and I have even noticed this influence not only in our own home, but also in his friendship group."


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