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The Summit Adventure Park

The Summit Adventure Park

About Us Passion to reality

Ryan Doughty and his family.

About Us

Passion to reality

Our Vision

The Summit is a multi- award winning, 50 acre outdoor adventure park with a primary focus on providing inspiring and life changing experiences through a combination of meaningful programs and powerful activities that build self-worth, character, success and happiness.....

Our Story

In 2003, Ryan Doughty was in a terrible gym accident that left his neck broken and his body paralyzed. Determined to avoid a dangerous surgical procedure, Ryan went against the advice of his surgeons. Instead he lay completely flat for a period of 3 months with a sand bag placed on each side of his head to prevent movement and hoping his neck would heal naturally. He lay perfectly still without sitting up or rolling over for these challenging months. Ryan slowly learnt to walk again and it was through this extraordinary experience and deep reflection that he discovered his purpose and passion - to help others unleash their greatness.

Adventure Camps Victoria

School Camps Gippsland

In July 2008, Ryan and Melissa (with their 5 children) purchased a rundown camp venue in Gippsland. Armed with massive passion and a few great people who believed in his vision, Ryan began to create a place that would ultimately exceed his expectation and impact more than 100,000 people to date.   From humble beginnings to winning a string of awards across categories including tourism and attractions, business of the year and in 2017 ....Business of the Decade!

The Team Business Excellence Awardee

This journey led to the development of one of Victoria's most loved obstacle races, Summit Survivor - 40 Epic obstacles over 5 km. In 2016, Ryan and his team built a charity focused on personal development for youth- The Impact Project. They donated more than $200,000 and changed the lives of over 400 young people.

We now employ approximately 45 highly trained staff who are the backbone of this organisation and who equally share in our vision to help others unleash their greatness.

Our Promise to YOU

We promise an extraordinary and unique experience given by genuine and passionate people to help create awesome memories.

"I have been involved in the outdoor education industry in Australia, The United Kingdom, Canada and the USA for around 15 years. I can honestly say this is the most passionate, powerful and enjoyable camping experience I have ever had with students. Excellent facilities, excellent staff and excellent philosophy. Keep it up." 

David Ellison

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The Summit partners with B1G1.

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