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School Camp Testimonials & Reviews

One of our coaches Maddi


What others are saying

What Teachers are saying about The Summit.

Hello, my name is Jason Boyce and I was one of the staff on the recent Norwood SC visit from 30/8 -1/9. I wanted to pass on some personal feedback as I didn't get to upon leaving the camp. I have been a high school teacher for 18 years across 3 different schools, I love camps so always volunteer to go on as many as I can. I can honestly say that my experience last week was the best I have ever had. Please pass on my personal thanks to Logan and his team of coaches. The activities were challenging but fun, students that I witnessed got a lot out of not only each activity but also out of the debriefs with the coaches at the end. The messages of gratitude, teamwork and stepping out of your comfort zone were so relevant and really well received. Again thank you, I've already recommended The Summit to my wife's school :) I can't wait for next year. 

Jason Boyce

“Thank you for providing this incredible experience, The Summit is obviously a very well-organized, well-run camp with amazing staff and we hope to able to come back in 2023".

Robinvale College

"The Summit provides everything a school needs to ensure a highly successful camp – outstanding facilities, skilful and motivated instructors and a genuine commitment to achieving the target outcomes set by the school. And the students absolutely LOVE it!”
Dan Davies – Director of Outdoor Education at Peninsula Grammar​

"The Summit camp has a positive impact on their lives and has given each student a

greater understanding of themselves and what they are truly capable of. It is a highlight

of the year for both the staff and students! "

Mount View Primary School

"We have been taking our Yr 7’s to the “The Summit” for 8 years now.
Year after Year the girls say that was the best  camp I have ever been on.”
 - Jodie Mitchell - Lauriston Girls Grammar

"Your program not only challenges students and staff but encourages them to think about things in a different way. I think we will all be talking about super stretches

for a long time to come." 
Nikki Robertson, Mornington Secondary College


‘It was amazing to see the students be challenged and grow as individuals whilst at the Summit. The Summit staff guided our students in making the most of every opportunity and the energy they presented with was truly infections. Thank you!’

Michelle Rudd – Year 8 Coordinator, Our Lady of Sion College


"The student's general comment about camp was simple but poignant… ...THIS WAS THE BEST CAMP EVER.” Terry Hill, Mt Lilydale Mercy College

"What an amazing four days we had at the Summit, how fortunate these students were to experience such an incredible time at this young age!" 

Laurel Broadbent, Woodlands Primary

"Thank you again for what has been the best camp we have ever been on.” 

Sue Kemp, Gippsland TAFE

Summit School Victoria

What Students are saying about The Summit.

"The Summit, probably the best camp I've ever been to in my life. Besides a few activities, it got me stretched out of my comfort zone. Anyone who is reading this and going to The Summit, but is afraid, I will tell you this. Last year, around this time, on the bus ride there, I wished I didn't go and was getting a little bit homesick. But when I came home, I felt amazing. The Summit helped me build friendships, get more involved, and went to a camp that I will never forget. So try to be the best you can be. Like the saying 'If at first, you don't succeed, try again!'. Thank you The Summit and I will definitely come again. P.S. You have to try the Spirals Bolognaise, it is so good. It's even better than my Mum's! 



"This camp was really fun, I met so many new friends. I recommend this camp.  I would love to come back!."


"There hasn't been a day since I left camp that I haven't used what I learned and continuously use to change my innermost attitude."

"When I returned home, for the first time I looked at myself in the mirror and saw someone that I was proud of. I saw someone of strength and courage and finally acknowledged a beauty I was once so unaware of. 

"I'm so so so grateful I got the opportunity to experience this camp. It was truly something I will not forget. The bond I created with everyone is just crazy. You have changed my life. This whole entire experience has changed my life."

"The greatest 3 days of my life, this camp has changed how I think about people, life, friends, and family. I feel like there is a whole new meaning to life. It's taught me that no matter what you do when you start something see it through to the end, and gain the sense of achievement to be proud."

"I have to make a massive shout-out to my team, what we did, and achieved together as one was amazing. They helped me push through barriers and overcome fears and this wasn't just for me, everyone made an outstanding effort and gained achievements over this time.​"

"I am so proud of everyone for conquering so much fear, the teamwork was amazing and everyone was there for one another. In a world where human connection has become so much more and more... disconnected, just having 120 people all connecting to one another just gave me so much hope."
"We all had our moments and we were all there to support each other. In fact, the amount of support we have between us was surreal. I came into the camp with my best friend, and we were basically crapping ourselves as we just didn't know what was to come or what to expect. Little did we know that we were going to make some of the most amazing, lifelong friends and discover things about ourselves we never thought possible​"

"I have learned so much about myself, and have broken through so many of my personal barriers. Thank you to Tegan, you were such an amazing mentor and really understood and supported us."

What Parents are saying about The Summit

"What a sensational experience you provided our children with!  On her return our Daughter said "Best Camp Ever!"  I asked her what made it so good and she said it was of inspirational staff and engaging activities. 

"As a teacher of more that 20 plus years I have never seen a camp program of this calibre.  Sarah did not stop talking about the camp for two hours and was bubbling with enthusiasm and empowerment."
"I have a self assured and confident young man in my house tonight and I have the wonderful growth that this camp was able to bring out in him to thank for that." 
"We are so grateful that our daughter was able to take part in such an empowering, self affirming,collaborative and positive experience that has made her a better and stronger person."

"Ben continues to make personal goals each day and lives by the camp mantra- don’t go home wondering! "

"Thank you all for helping my son to find his motivation and drive to be the hero in his own world. He champions your ethos every day and I have even noticed this influence not only in our own home, but also in his friendship group."


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