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Unleashing Greatness

While EPIC activities are crucial...when they're combined with engaging workshops and inspiring facilitation, you'll take your experience to the next level.

Workshops/strategies included in a standard camp program

Life Changing Workshops

Outdoor Workshops

Mindset Workshops
  •         Morning Intentions

  •         GMIC- Great Moments in Camp

  •         Target, Stretch, Super stretch

  •         5 Keys to Success

  •         Gratitude

WHY do we teach students about a "growth mindset?

5 KEYS to Success

1. Don't Go Home Wondering What If

On camp, you will have the ‘opportunity’ to stretch yourself, try crazy new things, step out of your comfort zone, make amazing new friends and go away with a whole new lease on life. How much you experience is totally up to you! Don’t get to the end of camp wondering if you could have stretched yourself a little bit further, in the words of Nike, Just Do It!

2. Get Comfortable Getting Uncomfortable

It’s outside of your comfort zone that the MAGIC is found! The more you allow yourself to get uncomfortable and try things you’ve never experienced before, the more you will be able to stretch yourself and grow into living your life to your full potential.

3. Play All In!

In poker when you go all in, you’re betting everything you have on one hand of cards, you’re leaving nothing on the table, and there is no plan B! If you make the commitment to yourself that on camp you will play all in, we guarantee you will go home with no regrets, you certainly won't go home wondering and you will go home a different person!

4. Have Fun

Life is too short to be all serious and boring. We have designed this camp to be some of the most fun you have ever experienced in your life, but at the end of the day whether you have fun or not is entirely up to you. Make the decision right from the outset that you will have fun and LOTS OF IT!

5. Make Lots of Mistakes

Life is a process of making mistakes, learning from our mistakes, growing and stretching through our mistakes, and getting up to have another crack at it. Live by the 4 F’s of Failure and you will go home a bigger, stronger, and more confident person:

  1. Fail Frequently - Be okay with making mistakes, because failure leads to success!

  2. Fail Forwards - Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forwards.

  3. Fail Fast - When you fall over, get up quickly and have another crack.

  4. Make Failure Fun - Don’t take yourself too seriously, we all make mistakes!

Morning Intentions

An awesome 15 minute session that encourages campers to decide who they want to be,  before their day kicks off.  We don’t always get to choose what gets thrown our way, stuff happens that is out of our control and can often leave people feeling powerless.  That is… until they realise that while we may not always be able to control what happens to us, we can control how we respond to it. The power is in the choice.


GMIC- Great Moments in Camp

GMIC is an opportunity to acknowledge other campers (friends, coaches, teachers) for something positive they have done. A GMIC can be completely anonymous but are always positive, affirming and encouraging. Often people are pulled up for the things they are not doing well often leading to judgment, blame and undesirable outcomes. Words have the power to tear down or build up. GMIC is a simple concept designed to boost self-esteem, connection and confidence.


Target, Stretch, Super Stretch

This is a unique goal setting technique that breaks goals down into three simple steps. It’s important to have both achievable goals to increase motivation and build momentum but also have seemingly impossible goals that inspire campers to stretch and unleash their greatness.


Coupled with Morning Intentions these two concepts perfectly complement each other. Space is created for participants to reflect on 3 things they are grateful for each morning. During this short workshop, participants are encouraged to write down these thoughts/feelings of gratitude and how this has a direct impact on their level of happiness.

Workshops/strategies can be delivered at an additional cost.

Beliefs and Mindset - Board Break

An interactive workshop that explores how an “idea” becomes a belief and how these beliefs drive our behavior. If we want to change what is happening in our lives then we need to be aware of how thoughts become beliefs.  This work shop leaves participants with strategies that enable them to deconstruct limiting beliefs and adopt empowering ones. In this day and age our biggest limitations are not external, rather they are the ones we place on ourselves.


Personal Power - Arrow Break

An interactive workshop that explores how we manage ourselves, our emotions and our “state” and how this affect our experience of life. We look at three simple areas of personal power:

Focus -what we do with our mind.

Language - what we do with our words.

Physiology - what we do with our body.

When we manage these three areas, we optimise our mental state along with our sense of competence and confidence.


Stepping Out 

An interactive presentation that reconnects camp experiences and learning’s with life back at school, home, on the sporting field or in creative performance etc. We also explore how to maintain motivation and momentum after leaving camp. ’If you don't write your own story someone else will.’

The Summit has spent around $10,000 dollars developing our Limitless online course, we are passionate about helping young people unlock their potential and want them to continue to grow after they leave.

This course is a Personal Development course that lasts for 10 weeks and will help students, from levels 7 to 12,  to unlock tools and strategies that will set them up for success. We understand among all the year levels there may be a minority that may be interested. However, this FREE resource we are sure will be appreciated by some of your more motivated and inspired students.

Click HERE to start the FREE course.  The students would simply follow the instructions and complete each module at their own pace.

Learn more

Chat with our team and find out how your can take your experience to the next level with a workshop that will "bring the message home" for your group.

“I love The Summit's mission, “Unleashing Greatness”. I believe they do so, with every client/school/cooperates that comes through their Summit gates. When there, I’ve found nothing but positively, as well as creating a positive atmosphere, which can only be done with a legendary team (all departments) that is put together to inspire whomever they meet. Would definitely recommend this camp to anyone and everyone that wants to unleash their greatness.”
Steph Spink


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