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Coach Maddi at The Summit


What others are saying

What Groups are saying about The Summit.

"Hey team!!


Just wanted to reach out with a HUGE thank you for hosting us a couple of weeks ago for our post-wedding friend-moon. From the very beginning, it was nothing short of awesome working with you guys. Great banter, great facilities - honestly couldn’t have chosen a better place!! About to leave a 6-star review on Google - you all deserve it!


Please enjoy this shot of the Central Business District of the Tent City, along with some of the surrounding suburbs, and of course its inhabitants from the 12th of March."



“Hi all! Just wanted to say a huge thank you for accommodating our leaders' retreat! Our leaders loved the venue, and had an amazing time! It was an incredible spot to host it, and we appreciate everything you guys do to make sure amazing events like these happen!! Thank you all and God Bless!! ”


“This place is amazing!  My experience at this camp was incredible. All the coaches helped me overcome my fears at all the epic activities they have to offer. I never thought I would ever accomplish the high activities I did but in the end, I did them all! The whole atmosphere around the place is so empowering.   My highlights were all the activities, coaches, and of course the monster course!  I would recommend this camp to anyone and everyone who wants to have the best fun!”

Tom Wächter

"I love the Summit's mission, “Unleashing Greatness”.  I believe they do so, with every client/school/group that comes through their gates. When there, I’ve found nothing but positivity, as well as creating a positive atmosphere, which can only be done with a legendary team (all departments) that is put together to inspire whomever they meet. Would definitely recommend this camp to anyone and everyone that wants to unleash their greatness."

Steph Spink

"I had a great time at this camp. The food is better than at most camps.  The staff is supportive, flexible, and overall great people. The camp gives back to those who need it.”
Kaitlin Johnson

"OMG amazing place! I had my Hen’s weekend there, super friendly, amazing staff, the accommodation was great, food was fantastic. We will all be defiantly back sooner than later." 
Michelle Feldman

"Was such a pleasure to experience such an awesome and inspiring team/location. I would urge anyone wanting to find a great team bonding experience or personal development experience to visit.  On top of that, it's plain and simply great fun being at The Summit (they have an army tank)."

Andrew Scott

"Best camp I’ve been to.  Love the staff, all of them had a positive atmosphere and attitude and made me have the best time there, getting out of my comfort zone.  It was fun having them because they would play along and be happy as well I really want to thank Tim Watson for the best camp ever and I wanna come back and visit sometime.” 

Angus Reark

"Hands down one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. The campsite was great, the leaders were very supportive and encouraging and the activities were challenging. I would definitely go there again!" 

Tessa Martin

"This place is seriously cool. It is very well cared for and makes for a positive and uplifting experience every time you go. I would highly recommend visiting The Summit Camp for any type of occasion. You won’t regret it :)” 

Ben Mcintosh

"I am so glad that I got to be a part of such an amazing camp! What a great place to spend my last camp ever! Thanks to the target, stretch, and super stretch I was able to push myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I did things that I would never think I could do and I made so many memories that I will never forget! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do a few of the activities I wanted to do so I guess that I can use that as an excuse to go back! Thank you again to the staff, you were all amazing! I seriously can't wait to go back!" 

Connie Kirk

"Fantastic camp! The kids had an absolute ball! Staff was amazing!! Activities were awesome fun! Would definitely recommend this camp! Awesome work Summit Team!!"

KT Anne

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