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Belgrave Secondary School


Belgrave heights came on the 28th of August and it was a blast. We taught them heaps of cool stuff such as the 5 keys and Target, Stretch, Super Stretch but more importantly they taught us a few things. Our favourite thing that they taught us was a variation of Rock, Paper, Scissors Evolution and we liked it so much that we are adopting it into the game every time we play it from now on.

You guys did so much whilst on camp. From activities like the Bush Challenge and Laser skirmish to challenges like the Giant Swing, Cave and Leap of faith you guys crushed it. You guys even managed to tackle the Sky bridge.

And who can forget the Chants. They were so epic guys it was so good to see how creative some of you were and at the same time how many stepped out of their comfort zones to actually perform a chant in front of the whole camp to help out your tribe. Well done to all.

Also a big shout out to these following legends:

· Liz

· Liam

· Bailey

· Imogen

· Vimby

· Lily

You guys were awesome and you represented your school in the highest light whilst on camp. You guys really embraced our 5 keys and you should be super proud of yourselves. Congrats on Tribe 6 for winning the monster course. Below are the results:

1. Tribe 6 -7:58

2. Tribe 3 -7:06

3. Tribe 4 -6:50

4. Tribe 1 -2:20

5. Teachers -2:03

6. Tribe 2 -1:20

7. Tribe 5 +3:03

So from all of the summit family we would like to wish you all a magnificent rest of the year and hope you guys strive for everything you want in life because you all deserve exactly what you want.


AJ, Matt, Madz, Jords, Pay, Dan, Tim and Tom

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