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Spotswood primary school

What a fantastic few days we had with Spotswood Primary School. The excitement started straight away with an intense game of finger pull and straight away us coaches knew we had some very competitive students with us.

After we settled in to our accommodation we warmed up with a game of 50 up and some initiatives where we got to know our tribe members as well as establish our awesome tribe names.

The tribes were no longer one, two or three, but now; The Royal falcons, Legends and Team ten. Now we were ready for some action packed activities. Up first was the Giant Swing, Laser Skirmish and Inflatables. Everyone was having a ball and us coaches were super impressed on how everyone was playing all in and having fun.

Day two! What a massive day we had planned for you all. Four rotations and of course our amazing Monster course in the afternoon! Our next activities were Sky Bridge, Snowy River and Flying Fox. Amazing efforts from every single one of you, there were so many fantastic things us coaches saw that if we mention them all we would run out of space. Us coaches were so proud of the support and encouragement you gave to your fellow tribe members.

By the time we got to Monster Course the encouragement and energy was off the charts, you even treated us with some awesome dance moves to get us even more excited for the course. Again the support and team work from everyone was insane, everyone was working hard together to do every obstacle to the best of their ability and were happy getting in the mud to do it. As each team came through the finish line we treated them with a pyramid to run through. After grabbing a snack


we gathered again to talk about how the

monster course went. You all seem super excited and couldn't stop talking about how much fun you had. We then decided to you surprised with a second lap! Some of you were excited and some were doubting whether you could do another lap. However you all took the challenge on and smashed out a second lap with EVERY tribe improving their time!!!!

Last day of camp and the sun was shinning!! After we fuelled up with some yummy breakfast we told you those all important monster times and acknowledged a few members of the group on their amazing work during their time here at camp. Before leaving there was one more challenge we left you with and that was a scavenger hunt. It was great to see you all running around with smiles on your faces and having fun one last time on camp.

Thank you all so much for coming, us coaches loved every minute and we hope you did too! We hope to see you back here again for loads more adventure and excitement!

Snowy River times

Royal Falcons - 13.38min

Legends - 28.10min

Team Ten - 19.52min

Monster Course times

Team Ten - 20.10min (-8min)

Royal Falcons - 22.44min (-4.58min)

Legends - 23.57 (-1.53)

- Liv, Tom, Dan

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