Sacred Heart College

December 13, 2017

The Summit had the pleasure of hosting the lovely girls of Sacred Heart Collage.  When the girls first arrived to The Summit they were given a big Summit welcome by our very own coach Maddy, although it was very hot in the blue room tent, the girls listened well and where getting keen to begin the activities.

First game we played with the girls was “50 up”, took a few goes but got 54 on the 6th try!


We smashed out three rotations , during that time the girls were pushed straight out of their comfort zone, we asked them to follow our values “have fun” and “play all in”, an example of that was during the Snowy River Challenge when Hope was trying to do the last obstacle the swing at Snowy River Challange, she fell over twice, yet kept trying and made it on the third go . All the tribes locked in their team names: Dimsamies, lionesses, samatoea, C.L.A.P. and radical whippers.


Day two, the girls started off ready and fuelled up on with croissants and juice, they smashed out five activity rotations where the girls where given the opportunity to push themselves to their limits , and girls did just that. Examples of greatness was when Alana took leadership on the Bush Challenge in the foam pit, where she helped lift her team out of the foam pit and in doing so left herself until last to climb up the wall, Meg pushed through her fear of heights and managed to do all the high elements and felts proud of her achievements. 


To wrap up the day the girls embarked on our epic Monster Course where there was nonstop; encouragement, communication, support and lots of laughs along the way. Doing the second lap was left as a surprise for the girls and they took the challenge head on, and came back bigger and better than before, improving their times by 2 minutes and more.


Monster times (improvement times)

-  Dimsamies: 5 minutes

- Lionesness: 5.01 minutes

- Samatoea: 4.24 minutes

- C.L.A.P: 3.23 minutes

- Radical whippers: 2.12 minutes 


Last day rolled around and the girls had two activities to be done the girls gave it their all and didn’t want to go home wondering “what if”, Examples of this was Frays being super comfortable with the nails and proceeded to do the nail-board walk six times.


Snowy River times

- Dimsamies: 10.42 minutes

- Lionesness: 5.55 minutes

- Samatoea: 7.50 minutes

- C.L.A.P: 8.50 minutes

- Radical whippers: 5.59 minutes 


Bush Challenge times

- Dimsamies: 18.20 minutes

- Lionesness: 18.12 minutes

- Samatoea: 15.55 minutes

- C.L.A.P: 17.48 minutes

- Radical whippers: 21.43 minutes 


Thank you Sacred Heart Collage for you positives attitudes and your eagerness to give everything a go, now it’s your go to get out into the world and "Unleash your Greatness" and make your mark on this world (Beyoncé inspired of course)

Many thanks from: Steph, Payton, Dusty, Kyle, Beck, Jacquie, Maddy and Bill 

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