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Bayside Christian College

It was great having Bayside Christian College at The Summit for a three day camp. After everyone settled in and had some lunch we started with a quick game of 50 up. It did take a couple of attempts before we got the hang of it, and on the third attempt we reached 69 hits. From there it was straight into our first four activities, these were: Sky Bridge, High Wire, Summit Window and Snowy River Challenge. Already on day one we had people pushing themselves outside their comfort zone at the Summit Window and High Wire. Tribes had to come together and work as a team to conquer the Snowy River Challenge and step by step students continued to complete the Sky Bridge. At the end of day one tribes had defiantly played all in and had some fun, as well as establishing our very awesome and unique tribe names. The new tribes were as followed: (1) Chuggers, (2) Slippery Chicken (3) Normi Flamingo Toucan Fam (4) Fearless Kangaroos.

Day Two and what a huge day we had in store for these tribes, we began by finishing up our first lot of activities and then straight into some brand new ones. These were Rockwall, Giant Swing, Scav Hunt and Bush Challenge. A lot of people rocked the Rock Wall with some making it to the top of the over hang side, what an achievement. Again you all showed off your amazing team work at Scav Hunt and Bush Challenge. Everyone really enjoyed the swing and the thrill they got on the first drop. But that wasn’t all we had planned for you. A lot had been asking about the Monster Course and we were super excited to hit you with an epic obstacle course with a whole lot of mud thrown in. Once you all completed the lap the celebrations were hectic, but it wasn’t over yet!! As we gathered together after finishing, so many wanted to go again…WHICH WAS EXACTLY WHAT WE DID. Some doubted yourselves but you all pushed through and finished the second lap like champions!!

Day three and sadly the last day of camp, however that didn’t stop us from having all the fun and giving our all to our last day. We couldn’t leave without acknowledging a few legends that have really embraced their time here at the summit. These were legends were Will, Nelson, Alex, Ryan and Tom.

Thanks again to Bayside Christian College for coming down and having a blast with us coaches!

- Liv, Tom, Jackie and Katie

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