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Lauriston Girls School


DAY 1:

You guys were so excited and immediately the team knew that we were in for ALL THE FUN! Fortunately our focus for the day was to HAVE FUN, because I can assure thats what we did!

There was already singing and dancing on the stage! Danny got his hair braided and Peyton couldn’t handle his new look and lost it everytime she saw him!

Mr Smith and Maddi had a Joke off and you all thought that Mr was better but thats okay!

We eventually set off on some activities as your colours were revealed and you received your super cool wrist bands and your Tribe names were chosen, we became the REDSKINS, PURPLE POPCORN, BLUE WARRIORS, WHITE WOLVES, PINK PELICANS and LEGENDARY LEMONS.

Day one was over before we knew it and you guys were so excited to start your free time because it meant that you would FINALLY know WHO WAS IN YOUR CABIN!

DAY 2:

We started our morning with utter power and energy! We set an intention and we chanted our way through a game of paper scissors, rock! With MIMI winning the ultimate battle that took place in the GAGA BALL ARENA!

We eventually got stuck into a mad day of activities, all the tribes were working their way through the Scavenger Hunt, Summit Window, Flying Fox, Orienteering, Bush Challenge, Rock Wall and the Cave.

DAY 3:


We were all ready for the new activities and we attacked them head on, with a improved attitude and more trust in ourselves, our tribe mates and the coaches.

If the new activities weren’t enough we also had the ENTIRE afternoon scheduled to do the MONSTER COURSE!

It was epic. It was large. It was wet. It was muddy. It was mayhem. We loved it so much we did it AGAIN! A nice little surprise for you all!

DAY 4:

Thursday came along before we knew it and the park was a beautiful place to be, You were all working so well in your tribes, the weather was magical and we were all conquering our fears left, right and centre! The day ended EGGCELENTLY ;) with a whole bunch of craziness at the stage as both eggs and laughs were to be seen everywhere!

Actually although the day had ended for most of us, it wasn’t quite finished for Jordie until he had to jump in the lake because he lost a bet! Well-done for making sure that happened girls! LOL

DAY 5:

Sadly the last day of camp, BUT we weren’t finished yet! We started the day with a little dance party and a fun game of Giants, Wizards and Dwarfs. From there we jumped straight into our last two rotations with a focus of ‘Don’t go Home Wondering What if’. During activities the coaches saw an enormous difference in confidence and encouragement since day one. You all truly have come so far and should be super proud of your efforts. Back at the lodge we recognised some tribe members that had taken on the 5 keys and dominated their camp experience. These were: Maddy, Matilda, Matilda Haywood, Lisa, Saskia, Grace, Mi Mi and Holly. These legends got to crash a car in our amazing WWII army tank. We sang again and said our goodbyes, then headed to the buses home bound.



1st Blue Warriors

2nd Pink Pelicans

3rd Legendary lemons

4th Purple Popcorn and White wolves

5th Red Skins

6th Green Geckos

Scavenger Hunt:

1st Whit wolves and Pink Pelicans (600points)

2nd Purple Popcorns

3rd Legendary Lemons

4th Blue Warriors

5th Red Skins

6th Green Geckos

Snowy Top Three:

1st Legendary Lemons

2nd Purple Popcorn

3rd Green Geckos

Mads, Liv, Tom, Payton, Dan, Katie and Jordie.

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