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Good News Lutheran College

On Wednesday afternoon The Summit had the pleasure of meeting the eager year 7s of Good News Lutheran Collage. The students got off the bus and got directed up to the Stadium, were they received a warm Summit welcome from the team leader (Steph), had lunch and got introduced to the rest of the legendary Summit team.

As all 5 groups begun their initiatives helping them learn a lot about each other, at the end of the session had to create their teams name . Group 1 became Wilderpeople, group 2 chose Lightning, group 3 became 88 guns, group 4 became the Beauties and the Beasts and group 5 became Ninja 5. With their team names locked in, they smashed out 2 rotations of activities. Some of the highlights were; Taya and Angela for showing exceptional leadership qualities while doing Rockwall and for Santiago for facing his fears on the Flying Fox.

Day 2, we started the day playing a group game called Jockeys, this was a fun and high energy game which got the students in a positive state and pumped for the big day ahead. 4 rotations later there were a lot of highlights and developments as a group, some highlights were; Tayla for pushing herself through her fears on the Rockwall, Nish for getting his super stretch on the Rockwall and ringing the bell at the top of the tower. Ralph for supporting Sammy through the Cave, by going with him and helping him stay calm and Aaron for showing resilience on the Skybridge after falling over many times but kept getting back up and pushing through.

Once the rotations were done the teams embarked on the Epic Monster challenge where the teams were pushed to their limits. everyone came together and finished the course muddy and in high spirits. As a reward for their efforts everyone got a turn on the Waterslide before having showers and ending the day.

Final day, there were a lot of tired faces in the morning intensions session, as the group were introduced to our Beyoncé video where she sung her song ‘I was here’ , the kids were set a task to focus on who they were going to be that day who they wanted to be remembered as when they leave The Summit. After the session was done, the groups got straight into the last 2 rotations, the students were keen to implement the last key ‘don’t go home wondering WHAT IF’. The highlights for the last day; Bethany for pushing her limits on the Summit Window, Amy on High wire for giving it her all and completing the activity and surprising herself in her own ability to get it done, despite her fear of heights.

The Values winners; Samson (wilder people), Aaron (lightning), Bethany (88 Guns), Rayeh (Beauties and the beasts) and Indie (ninja 5). Monster times, Bush Challenge times and scavenger hunt scores; - Wilderpeople; Monster 31.41, Bush Challenge 33.32 and Scavenger Hunt 390 points - Lightning; Monster 42.08, Bush Challenge 47.14 and Scavenger Hunt 280 points - 88 guns; Monster 38.23,Didin’t do Bush Challenge and Scavenger Hunt 360 points - Beauties and the Beasts; Monster 45.30, Bush Challenge 32.49, Scavenger Hunt 440 points - Ninja 5; Monster 45.33, Bush Challenge 36.10, didn’t do Scavenger Hunt. On behalf of the Summit we want to thank you ALL for playing all in and having all the fun Steph, Jackie, Jordan, Ash, Timmy and Mia

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