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Peninsula Grammar

When any guest arrives at the summit the first thing they may see is the giant UNLEASHING GREATNESS poster. Unleashing Greatness is the aim of any program we have.

Peninsula this week was a perfect example of how it is achieved.

From Monday to Friday there was soon much greatness throughout camp! So many incredible opportunities.

The coaches were so impressed with so many moments.

A few of us were privileged enough to witness some incredible bravery on the High Wire. Especially Ethan who despite uncontrollable leg shaking did not stop climbing until the entire activity was complete! So much energy was created that students from all the activities near by voiced their support.

There was so much diversity in the opportunities we had to try new things and play all in. We sang and danced like never before. We cried together as Maddi shared about the tragedy of the broken red wagon.

There were so many activities throughout the week. We conquer the big tower, there was leaping, leaning and bouncing off the walls. Orlando showed us the true meaning of persistence as he climbed up to leap for the third time in the hope he would reached the bar. He had everyone around the tower holding their breathe as he leap and MADE the bar. The roar from the crowd was amazing and orlando now has a permanent plaque on the tower.

Students were flying through the air at swing and fox getting an awesome view of all the activities going on around them.

Laser and Inflatables had tribes competing against one another to have the most kills and the highest score and fastest time through Adrenaline Rush.

Rock Wall had students climbing up high and cave had students going under way down low navigating their way through the dark.

We also had an epic Egg Olympics which had all tribe members doing anything they could to get their hands on more supplies for the egg drop. All designs looked promising as we started at the drop height of…..matts shoulders. Then never before at the summit we attempted our first egg drop off the big tower! in the end it was Waka Waka was victorious.

Final day of camp had us banging on the tables and not being able to stop singing and dancing. We first had to deal with a very grumpy pirate named matt as we all had to audition to be part of his crew. Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye and despite not being excited to leave it did mean we could congratulate some tribe members on their amazing efforts throughout the week. Not only did they get a wicked high five from maddi, they also got to have a hot lap in our very own army tank. After watching one more piece of greatness it was time to say goodbye.

Waving goodbye meant allowed us to feel excited and for filled. We had every right to feel proud of our efforts and hopefully we were all excited to share what we have learnt about what we can achieve and what a group of legends can achieve together.

The challenges and opportunities are endless, whether they will be great or not is up to you. Make good choices, go be great and stay legendary.

  • Mads, Liv, Timmy, Matt, Tom, Payton, Dan, Jordan, Ash, Jackie, Trin, Greg, Kyle and Katie.

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